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Dresser Drawers Turned Wall Shelves Phase 2 – Decoration & Styling

4 Mar


Here it is folks! The winter edition of the unofficial Pinterest Challenge, as created by Katie B. from the blog Bower Power and explained in further detail right here on Young House Love.  For this “challenge,” which is basically a self-imposed challenge to get some of those Pinterest projects that we all have tons of pinned, and turn them into things we’ve actually DONE!

So without further adieu, I share with you the dresser drawers turned wall shelves that I decorated and styled up for this challenge:





When I left off on the installation process of these shelves, they looked like this:


Getting them all prettied and decked up was a fairly simple project.  I just used some decorative wrapping paper, from World Market, cut to size and then adhered the paper to the “backs” (technically the drawer bottoms) of the shelves using double-stick tape:


drawer Collage 3


So much prettier and happier looking than the dull, brown backgrounds, don’t you think!?

And as far as “styling” the shelves, I just grabbed some books, bookends, and other little knickknacks I had on other shelves around the house and quickly arranged them to have some photos for this challenge post.


Feel free to checkout tons of other really great Pinterest projects by clicking on the “Pinterest Challenge” picture below and scrolling to the very bottom of the post:


And you can click right here to check out the inspiration photos that I have pinned to my Pinterest board for this project:)

Thanks for looking!!!


Dresser Drawers Turned Wall Shelves Phase 1- Installation

3 Nov

As a continuation of my self-imposed Pinterest challenge (more on that here) I have gotten the installation phase of my drawer shelves complete:


This is one of those projects that I would file under “upcycling” or “restyling” as they are known in DIY blogland – where you take something that you found or have lying around the house that you don’t use or don’t LOVE in its current state, and upcycle it into something awesome that you do love. These projects also tend to be budget friendly – I snatched these drawers for free from an old retired dresser of my little cousin’s that was getting tossed.

The process was fairly simple.  After spotting a blank area on one of the walls in the den that could house a little project like this, I first put a quick couple coats of paint on the drawer fronts (paint color left over from the blue room – Behr’s “Caribe”) :




Then I cut out paper templates to the size of each drawer and arranged them on the wall several times until I came up with a configuration that I  liked:


After that, it was basically just predrilling and drilling holes into the drawers and into the wall (using wall anchors) and getting them up one at a time until they were all mounted:




And that was pretty much it!

Below are some inspiration photos for this project that I have pinned here:



click pic for source


click pic for source

Pretty inventive and lovely, don’t you think?

In phase 2, I plan on decking out the shelf backings (technically the drawer bottoms) with some pretty fabric or decorative paper, and then decorating and styling the shelves with some lovely tchotchkes aka thrift store finds, so stay tuned for that 🙂

Thanks for looking!

Laundry Room Get’s a Facelift

25 Jul

Since I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on Olive’s room this summer, I was beginning to feel the need to move my focus over to something different this weekend, something small and quick that would give me a sense of accomplishment without committing to a huge and costly undertaking.  So after being inspired by two bloggers that chose to take on their laundry rooms last week, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I decided that spiffening up our laundry room would both fulfill my desire to have a change of venue along with getting something quick and easy DONE, all the while meeting my requirement of spending little to no cash.  

Here and here are the inspiring posts from the blog Young House Love and here is another from I Heart Organizing , which includes lots of great laundry room eye-candy if you want to click over and get hit by the insperado-bug yourself!

This is what the laundry room looked like before:

Not too shabby, but also not too spiffy either.  I didn’t do much in there, just slapped some paint on the walls, added a shelf under the existing cabinets, and placed a Billy bookcase (that wasn’t getting much use in the blue-room of the house) into the corner for some good ol’ stream-lining action.  The first move was to get everything, with the exception of the washer and dryer, out of there:

The next move was to wipe down and paint the walls.  I already mentioned how I wanted to keep this project cheap, so I opted to use paint that I already had lying around instead of buying new paint.  I used leftover paint from my bedroom – Martha Stewart’s Araucana Sage:

Then I mounted a shelf that I took out of Olive’s room (more on that here), brought in a bookcase, and accessorized a little in there by bringing in some framed photos of Olive and a painting that I did early last year:

Yeah, my washer and dryer don’t match, and I’m totally ok with that.


Although the change is subtle, the space is definitely cleaner and has much more organizational potential than it did before.  Not to mention giving me the sense of accomplishment that I was looking for and for free to boot!  I plan on storing extra curtains and table linens that rarely get used on the bookcase in there, and keeping unsightly wires and things that Rob keeps around for who-knows-what reason in the clear and black storage cubbies next to the dryer.

Still on the list in here:

  • Paint the cabinets as a means of practicing my cabinet painting method before taking on the huge cabinet painting project in the kitchen
  • Adding some sort of light cover over that exposed bulb
  • And installing a clothing rod on the far left wall by the dryer.

But after getting this little project done, I feel like I can meander back into Olive’s room and scratch a couple more things off the to-do list in there 🙂

This post is linked up to Addicted2Decorating, click the button below to see what greatthings other bloggers out there have been crafting and making-over themselves!

Thanks for looking!

Wall of Frames

25 Jan

Finally!!!  This project has been bearing on me for I’d say six months or so, and I am absolutely elated to say I am finally done – well sort of done with it (I mean, is anything ever really done?).

Like most DIY projects, they come in a wide range of variations, this one being no exception, so I hit the computer to scour for images and youbetcha I was inspired!  As I mentioned in this post about DIYing up thrifted picture frames, I collected many frames over the summer months from a variety of thrift stores, so the images housed within the frames here are most definitely just temporary.  With that said, let’s take a look at how this project developed over time…

  I’ll call this picture below Phase 1: 

Not too shabby for a straight-to-the-point picture frame collage.  I started by putting the table and lamp in place, then the mirror, and then finally  added some frames. 

Phase 2:

A decent overall shape is developing at this point, but something about it was still not right for me.  I wasn’t too pleased with the symmetry and kind of unriskiness of it all.  It seemed a tad too run-of-the-mill and “grandma’s house,” nothing about it screamed out “CREATIVE!”  So I decided to get a little more bold and just started throwing all sorts of different shaped and sized frames on the wall and ended up with this:

Phase 3:

Aigh, yigh, yigh!  Not good.  This might not look so terribly bad if the frames and/or their content were more cohesive, say matching frames or artwork, but in its current state, I consider this a giant FAIL

So, as a result, I hit the interwebs once again, and lo and behold I stumbled into this blog post on The Sweetsest Digs blog site.  I even went as far as asking them for advice, and to my delight, was given some amazingly encouraging feedback (which you can take a look at right here).  So after taking some of the advice – paint all the frames a single color, bring them down a little, and perhaps  gray instead of white – I hit the ground running and started working on this project right away (like right when I walked in the door after work Friday afternoon) and finally ended up with this:

What an AMAZING difference!!! I almost can’t believe these are the same frames from the before pictures.  I would like to implement some more of the great advice I recieved, such as the utility of additional mirrors and definitely work in some layerying some how, and I still need to add some accessories and figure out how to address the lower part of the wall, but I feel like I can walk away from this project for a while feeling like it is mostly finished – and “mostly finished” is a lovely place to be!

PSST!  This didn’t happen by a simple wave of a wand by any means, you can check out all the details about how this project went down right here.

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