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Getting Graphic in the Green Room – Accent Wall Style!

8 May

I decided way back some time last year that the green room was in need of a little makeover, (more details on that to follow, so stay tuned) and what better way to get started in that direction than to do an accent wall?!

Ahh, the beloved accent wall – a new one pops up on my Pinterest feed at least three times a week, and it seems as though everyone in blogland is doing one… and well … now so am I!

Check it out:


PicMonkey Collage 2

I thought long and hard about how to accent this wall for a very, very long time – going from thoughts of a solid contrasting color, to stripes, to something stenciled, to finally deciding on something grahic, abstract and super colorful.  Even though this little project was a long time a coming, I am glad that I deliberated over it for as long as I did, making sure that it was something that I would absolutely love and that reflects me.

Here’s a quick little pictorial rundown of my day-to-day progress: (I am currently working on a more detailed how-to that’ll even include a little step-by-step video, so again, stay tuned for that!)


And finally, after making a few more tweaks, I called this turkey done!


My inspiration for this project came primarily from the painting below by my super talented and bestie, Devon Nowlin:


and also from this image that I came across on Etsy:


As an added bonus, I completed this project just in the nick of time to submit toward the self-imposed  “Pinterest Challenge” that the ladies over at YoungHouseLove and BowerPower cooked up to get folks to stop pinning and start doing their pinned projects (more on that here). So you can click on the button below to get in on this big ol’ pinterest-project-share-fest and check out lots of other fabulous DIY projects that the great people of blogland are doing and showing off:


Here are some of the accent walls that I have pinned along the way that have inspired me to create an accent wall of my own:


click pic for source


click pic for source


click pic for source

Thanks for looking!!!!!


Tissue Paper Flower Pom-Pom for Above Olive’s Bed

21 Aug

Pinterest, oh how I love thee and thy ways you maketh my dreams of completing a diy-to-do list into an infinite wayward pipe dream. I’m pretty sure we all have a countless number of pins on all of our virtual pin-boards, but do we actually ever get around to “doing” that which we are “pinning”? One of my favorite blogs (Young House Love) has created a self-imposed challenge for its readers called “The Pinterest Challenge: Stop Pinning and Start Doing!” You can read more about the most recent of those challenges and check out tons of DIY projects right here.

Alas, I have finally gotten around to making my version of this (originally found here) lovely over-the-bed tissue paper pom-pom (canopy?) for Olive’s room:


I’ll spare you all the how-to-make-a-tissue-paper-pom-pom details here, but if you’re interested in seeing how I made each flower/pom-pom you can follow this link for an AMAZING tutorial.

We started with some paper lanterns that we already had hanging around the house and some tissue paper in a variety of complementary colors bought from Party City, which I found to have the most variety to choose from as compared to Target and even Michael’s:

As usual, Olive helped:


We started out by hanging the paper lanterns first and then incorporated the pom-poms after finding some balance with the lanterns, using paper ribbon and the existing hook from the hula hoop canopy the was previously hanging over her bed:










Den Progress – Furniture Arrangement

8 Dec

Considering how large this space is, it really did take quite a bit of brainstorming on my part before finally coming up with a floor plan that felt right, was multi-functional, intentional and well thoughtout, and of course that I liked.  As I mentioned in this post, I really hadn’t given the den much attention at all in the way of design, or even functionability for that matter, until just a couple of months ago.  I knew that I wanted the room to function as both the designated tv room and as a guest bedroom space (with tv viewing possible from the bed), similar to the setup in the following inspiration photo:

click for source via Pinterest

But before I show-and-tell where we ended up after this big ol’ transformation, I’ll share some of the how-we-got-there moments first.  As part of the aforementioned brainstorming process, the furniture went through a series of configurations (both on paper and actually) to see what felt and looked best.  It went from this:

which I nixed because I couldn’t make that little window and the tv look balanced and it was driving me nuts (sorry, no pic with the tv actually on the dresser).  I even scooted the dresser closer and further away from the back wall and also switched the tv from the right side of the dresser to the left.  Still no dice.  So then I shifted things around yet again and this side of the room sat looking like this for a couple of weeks:

While the other side remained like this:

I actually kind of liked the L-shaped configuration of the couch and tv stand in this set-up.  It left plenty of space for getting our wii gaming on and boasting our own interpretation of any given DWTS dance routine (dude, that Rikki and Derek Psycho tango was off the chain AWESOME!) we felt a likening to.  But I wasn’t so pleased with the placement of the bed.  Even if I swapped it over to the back wall (with the head of the bed against the same wall that the tv/dresser are against) it still just didn’t seem right, and you wouldn’t get a good view of the tv from the bed with the room set-up that way either.  I was in a bit of a floor-plan rut.  Also, the vision of a day bed kept coming to my mind and I was trying to work through how I could have a day bed look with the use of a queen-sized bed. So where do we go when we need some super, get-me-thinking-in-the-right-direction insperado? Yes, onto Pinterest I went and lo and behold I ran into many an inspiring photo of queen-sized beds as day beds.  Here are some of my favorites:

click for source via Pinterest

click for source via Pinterest

And that’s when it hit me… put the long side of the bed against the wall that the couch was currently against, place the sofa back-side to the bed and put the tv/dresser in front of the couch. BAM!  I came up with a floor-plan!  But seeing it is a whole lot easier to grasp than reading about it, so here you go:

I love it!  (Oh and just a little side-note, Olive made the bed all by herself to help out mama get the room picture ready – what a sweet little helper she is).  I actually considered flanking the bed with the two Billy bookcases and putting a wholelotta pillows against the wall between the bookcases to create the whole day-bed look I really liked, but I couldn’t get over the fact that there wouldn’t be a wall behind your head if/when you slept on the bed if I did that, and that’s just weird.  So I created a little bed-alcove of sorts instead by placing a bookcase at the side and foot of the bed.  I think it works.  I also really like how the sofa creates separation, yet you still have an excellent view of the tv from the bed.  And as an added bonus, the bed serves as a perfectly convenient dropping/folding post for the laundry (the laundry room is just a few steps away from the foot of the bed, behind those gray curtains in the picture above).  Still though, I haven’t quite figured out what I’m gonna do with the corner of the room where the Christmas tree currently resides.  I am playing around with the idea of putting the computer there, but I really like the computer centrally located within the house (in the kitchen), so that probably won’t happen.  I don’t know, we’ll see where things end up after the holidays.  But as for now, I am, to say the least, very pleased with the way things are coming along in the den.

Now, just to see how far this room really has come, here is what it looked like in all of it’s bachelor-pad glory before any den-redesigning ever took place:


Yeah, I think it’s a major improvement.  Now onto the details – curtains, decking up the walls, and maybe even a diy diamond tufting project or two in there as well.  I’ll keep ya posted 😉

Thanks for looking!

Things are a Changin’ and a Rearrangin’ (Part 2)

14 Sep

In Part 1 of this sort of whole-house-master-plan to-do-list that I have conjured up in my brain, I shared my vision for the den, green room, and blue room.  So now let’s take a look-see at what ideas and insperado I have for the other rooms in the house, and remember this is really just a way for me to keep track of what I have in mind by writing out a room-by-room  projects list that could possibly (and most likely) change down the road, but I just thought, eh, why not put all these thoughts and ideas down in one place if for nothing else but reference and inspiration.  Also, I by no means have a time frame for getting any of these projects done, I’m just laying it all out here in bulleted lists to take it all in and clear my head of all these ideas a little.

So on with the show…

Olive’s Room:

I have made quite a bit of progress in this room (more on that here), so not a whole lot is left on the immediate to-do list.  Here’s what we have:

  • Reorganize her frame wall (see pic below)
  • DIY a fun and colorful pom-pom to be placed over her bed (see pic below)
  • Tweak and finish decorating the wall above her dresser
  • Paint the ceiling and add a fun cloud pattern, maybe with the use of wallpaper (see pic below)

And here’s a list of “future projects” that I have in mind:

  • Paint the interior of her closet
  • When she gets a tad older and outgrows her play kitchen and other large toys, I would love to put double twin canopy beds in there (see pic below)
I like the arrangement of the vintage frames and also the fun pom-pom above the bed.

I’d like to put some clouds similar to these on the ceiling.

When she outgrows some of her toys, I would love to have double twin beds in her room.

You can view more inspiration photos for Olive’s bedroom right here via Pinterest.

My Bedroom:

This room has actually come a long way as well.  Aside from the closet project, there’s just more tweaking than anything else to be done in this room:

  •  Paint interior of closet peachy-pink
  • Complete closet reorg/redo (see pic below)
  • Move long dresser out and into the den to be used as media console
  • DIY a bench, maybe made from a coffee table (see pic below)
  • DIY a headboard, maybe from a spare door (see pic below)
  • Bring in and set up vanity (currently being used as computer desk in the kitchen)
  • Rearrange art/frames on walls (see pic below)
I’m just gonna go nuts with having a whole closet to myself!
DIY coffee table turned bench.
DIY tufted headboard

LOVE the arrangement of the artwork and frames. This is perfect (and is that a drawing of Richie Tenenbaum?)

More inspiration pics here.

The Kitchen:

Okay, where do I even begin with this room?  I believe the only photos actually posted on this blog of the kitchen are in this post about removing cabinet doors, which doesn’t really give you a good look at this room in its entirety.  I love the size and orientation of the kitchen, but that’s about all to really love about it (at this point).  It’s just very blah, to say the least.  This room will no doubt be my biggest undertaking, so here goes:

  • Prime and paint the fireplace white (It’s currently an energy-sucking doo-doo brown.  Yeah.)
  • Paint interior of side yard door
  • Paint trim (not sure what color yet)
  • Paint panelling (not sure what color yet)
  • Finally get around to creating a plate collage with my vintage plate collection (see pic below)
  • Prime and paint all cabinets (not sure what color yet)
  • Wallpaper certain accent areas (perhaps just the fireplace wall and back of cabinets, but may go up in other areas as well)
  • Address lighting situation above table and island
  • Open up the long wall that is shared with the blue room, giving an open-living feeling to the overall front part of the house (this is most definitely a project left for professionals, and I’m in no position to be hiring professionals at this stage of the game, so this is more of a pipe-dream than an actual “to-do” at this point)

These are just the big projects on the list for the kitchen, and as you can see I really don’t have a solid idea of what I plan on doing in there.  All I know is I have a general color palette in mind (robin’s egg blue, pinks, and yellows) and a general 1950’s-retro meets granny-chic vibe that I’d like to rock in there, but ordering wallpaper samples is as far as I’ve delved into any actual planning per se.

So how about a little visual kitchen insperado:

DIY a vintage plate collage like this.

Wallpaper love.

Glass shelving in kitchen window. Just Gorgeous.

A perfectly kitschy kitchen!

And of course, if that’s just not enough eye-candy for you, there’s more inspiration photos that you can browse through right here on my Pinterest page.

And last, but not least, I have plans for the Hall Bathroom:

This was actually one of the very first DIY attempts I tried tackling (key words attempt and try) way back in February of 2010! It started out innocently enough by wanting to remove half of the huge double wide vanity that was placed in there by the previous owners, (this house was most definitely “updated” by some very unprofessional house flippers as I have discovered) but when we pulled out one of the cabinets we were left with an unsightly cement hole in the ground and unfinished walls.  YIKES!  My assumption with this discovery is that the aforementioned house-flippers started out wanting to knock out the floor tiles to replace them, but then decided that was just too much trouble and covered up the hole with the vanity and tiled over (yes, tiled OVER) the old tiles in the rest of the bathroom!  So I really haven’t decided if I just want to cover things up further, or really get down and do the retiling right (which is a huge and costly undertaking), that is why we’ve just been living with the ugly mess for over a year now, but I will hopefully get around sooner than later to prettying things up there.

So here’s the to-do list:

  • Decide whether to just patch up the floor and walls, or attempt to remove the tiles that were placed over the old ones and repair/restore the original floor tiles
  • Knock out the cabinets that are above the tub
  • Repair damage to walls with new sheet rock
  • Paint the walls, trim, and cabinets
  • Maybe wallpaper an accent wall behind the sink
  • DIY a vanity turned sink (see pics below)
  • Change out the mirror
  • Add some towel holders/hooks (see pic below)
  • Tweak the lighting in there

So yeah, there’s quite a bit to be done in the bathroom as well, but I’m in no huge hurry to get things done.  On with the eye-candy:

I really like the look of this squared sink placed atop an old dresser/vanity.

I like the look of the open area underneath the sink in this pic.

Here is the link to my bathroom pinboard on Pinterest (psst, it’s not that interesting).

So that about sums everything up.  These “ideas” as I am calling them are really just that, ideas.  Nothing here is set in stone, this is just my way of bringing all the inspirational photos together with writing out my vision to help me keep track and keep everything in my head organized.

Hope you’re inspired!

Also, all the above photos are credited via Pinterest by clicking on each individual photo.

Things are a Changin’ and a Rearrangin’ (Part 1)

31 Aug

Without getting too personal, I will quickly preface this post by sharing the big change that we’ve been going through during the month of August.  Simply put, although matters such as these are rarely simple, Rob has moved out of the house.



This is definitely a positive thing though.  I would rather not get into all the ins-and-outs of what’s going on, but I feel like I should at least address that fact up front, rather than not mention it at all and then have some of you raising your brows in question as to how and why some of the projects that I have lined up will be taking place.  I mean think about it, if all of a sudden you went from living with a partner to living single, there would most likely be some pretty major household revamping going on, and such is the case with us.  So yes, there’s pretty much a whole-house overhaul that’ll be taking place, and yeah, I’m pretty excited about all the new room design ideas churning up in my head – hello new closet, hello office space, and HELLO she-cave!  (Just to name a few).

So without further elucidation, I’d like to share with you all the big “rearranges” that have been brewing up in my head.  Listing all of these to-do’s in this post is really my way of writing out a room-by-room master plan of sorts and most definitely a way for me to keep track of all the thoughts and ideas I have for each of the rooms/spaces in the house.  So this might get pretty wordy and not make a whole lot of sense if you don’t know/can’t visualize every piece of furniture I have in the house to which I will be referring, but this is my vision and I am looking forward to tackling all these projects in the coming weeks and months… and probably year (this is a pretty extensive list of goals):

The Den:

Formerly known as “Rob’s man cave,” which incidentally enough hasn’t had much attention on this blog since this room was Rob’s designated space that he kept pretty much to his liking.  So now that most everything from that room is gone, with the exception of a sofa, coffee table, guest bed (which until just recently was just a spare mattress on the floor – yuck), along with a desk and filing cabinet, I can now turn that space into my designated she-cave/den/guest quarters!  (This room is a converted garage, so it’s a big space.)

Here is what I have on the to-do list:

  • Arrange furniture to create separate “zones.”  One for tv viewing, one for guest space, and one for toys/a play area.
  • Paint the ginormous space – walls and ceiling (see inspiration photo below).
  • Bring in the long dresser from my bedroom to be used as a tv and media console.
  • Bring in the curio cabinet from the green room.
  • Switch out the yellow sofa with the green one (and put the yellow sofa in the blue room).
  • Find a new home within the house for the filing cabinet.  I’m thinking either in the laundry room or entry closet.  Not sure yet.
  • Finally get around to hemming and properly hanging the curtains in there!
  • Install a curtain divider to define guest area (see inspiration photo below).
  • DIY an ottoman.
  • DIY decorative sofa pillows.
  • Decorate and accessorize.

Of course there is probably an endless amount of to-doing to be done that is not listed above, but these are just the big ones.  Here are a few of my inspiration photos for the space (more can be seen on my Den and Mid-Mod and Eclectic virtual pin-boards via Pinterest):

Curtains as dividers to define and separate the spaces.

This wall color! Sort of a blueish-grayish-green.

This is the overall vibe I'd like the room to have.

The Green Room:

Shamefully so, this room rarely gets any use.  It’s more of a formal sitting area than anything else.  My original intent for the function of this room was to use it as a study.  But nobody ever really ventures over to that side of the house very much (nor do we study much for that matter).  So I have an ingenious idea to move the computer (currently housed in the kitchen) in there, which will definitely bring more foot action in that direction, and to have this room be both the designated homework-doing area and the arts-and-crafts space.

Here’s the plan:

  • Move the green couch into the den.
  • Move the buffet table into the blue room.
  • Paint the walls a more vibrant hue of green (see inspiration photo below).
  • Stencil a pattern on the far wall (see inspiration photo below).
  • Push the rectangular Expedit shelf against the stenciled wall.
  • Possibly add another Expedit shelf or other form of storage for art and craft supplies.
  • Move the desks (currently in the blue room) under the window with the square Expedit in between making a wall-to-wall desk area – one side for me and the other for Olive.
  • Get a big comfy lounger for the corner by the kitchen doorway.
  • Decorate and accessorize!

Inspiration photos for this room (view more on my Pinterest board here):

The vibrant green on these walls was my original vision for the room, but I met Rob in the middle with a more subdued shade of green.

I will tackle stenciling!

Office space with lots of insperado all over the walls.

 The Blue Room:

We call this room “the art room,” but it mainly just stores all the arts-and-crafts “stuff” and keeps it organized.  We typically don’t do projects in there (those usually get done on the kitchen table).  So the plan is to store all the art stuff in the newly redefined green room, and use the blue room as more of a formal sitting and dining room.  The formal dining set (oval table and matching buffet) that my mom handed down to me will be brought into this room along with the yellow/gold sofa that is currently in the den.

The plan:

  •  Bring buffet table in and place under front window.
  • Bring in the yellow/gold sofa (see inspiration photo below).
  • Do some repairs to the oval table that is currently in storage (wood filling, sanding, staining…) and place in the middle of the room.
  • Thrift around/ troll Craigslist for some dining room chairs (see inspiration photo below).
  • DIY some yellow/gold curtain panels (see inspiration photo below).
  • Paint the backs of the built-ins.
  • Paint the interior (and exterior) of the front door.
  • With the help of a licensed electrician, add a junction box above the dining table for lighting.

Inspiration photos (more via Pinterest):

I'd like for the sofa to be flanked by the built-ins and for the room to have an overall formal vibe like in this pic.

Needing to get some chairs for the dining table.

OK, I think this is a good leaving off point.  I still have bulleted lists for my bedroom, the kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway, but those will have to be addressed in Part 2 of this big ol’ whole-house-revamp-2011-2012-apalooza (you get the picture) before this post gets entirely too lengthy.  And just to note, I by no means have any deadlines or expected completion dates for any of these projects.  These are just some of the things that I know I’d like to get done over the next year or so.  I don’t plan on going manic and attempt to finish all this in a weekend or anything.  I’m just writing typing everything down in order to refer back to my lists and keep track of all the progress along the way.

Note: All photos are credited via Pinterest by clicking on each picture.

P.S. Isn’t Pinterest the answer to all your organizational prayers!!! What did we ever do without it!?!

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