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30 Dec

Check out how I turned an old set of twin mattresses into a cute little daybed for the office by clicking here.


Den Progress – Furniture Arrangement

8 Dec

Considering how large this space is, it really did take quite a bit of brainstorming on my part before finally coming up with a floor plan that felt right, was multi-functional, intentional and well thoughtout, and of course that I liked.  As I mentioned in this post, I really hadn’t given the den much attention at all in the way of design, or even functionability for that matter, until just a couple of months ago.  I knew that I wanted the room to function as both the designated tv room and as a guest bedroom space (with tv viewing possible from the bed), similar to the setup in the following inspiration photo:

click for source via Pinterest

But before I show-and-tell where we ended up after this big ol’ transformation, I’ll share some of the how-we-got-there moments first.  As part of the aforementioned brainstorming process, the furniture went through a series of configurations (both on paper and actually) to see what felt and looked best.  It went from this:

which I nixed because I couldn’t make that little window and the tv look balanced and it was driving me nuts (sorry, no pic with the tv actually on the dresser).  I even scooted the dresser closer and further away from the back wall and also switched the tv from the right side of the dresser to the left.  Still no dice.  So then I shifted things around yet again and this side of the room sat looking like this for a couple of weeks:

While the other side remained like this:

I actually kind of liked the L-shaped configuration of the couch and tv stand in this set-up.  It left plenty of space for getting our wii gaming on and boasting our own interpretation of any given DWTS dance routine (dude, that Rikki and Derek Psycho tango was off the chain AWESOME!) we felt a likening to.  But I wasn’t so pleased with the placement of the bed.  Even if I swapped it over to the back wall (with the head of the bed against the same wall that the tv/dresser are against) it still just didn’t seem right, and you wouldn’t get a good view of the tv from the bed with the room set-up that way either.  I was in a bit of a floor-plan rut.  Also, the vision of a day bed kept coming to my mind and I was trying to work through how I could have a day bed look with the use of a queen-sized bed. So where do we go when we need some super, get-me-thinking-in-the-right-direction insperado? Yes, onto Pinterest I went and lo and behold I ran into many an inspiring photo of queen-sized beds as day beds.  Here are some of my favorites:

click for source via Pinterest

click for source via Pinterest

And that’s when it hit me… put the long side of the bed against the wall that the couch was currently against, place the sofa back-side to the bed and put the tv/dresser in front of the couch. BAM!  I came up with a floor-plan!  But seeing it is a whole lot easier to grasp than reading about it, so here you go:

I love it!  (Oh and just a little side-note, Olive made the bed all by herself to help out mama get the room picture ready – what a sweet little helper she is).  I actually considered flanking the bed with the two Billy bookcases and putting a wholelotta pillows against the wall between the bookcases to create the whole day-bed look I really liked, but I couldn’t get over the fact that there wouldn’t be a wall behind your head if/when you slept on the bed if I did that, and that’s just weird.  So I created a little bed-alcove of sorts instead by placing a bookcase at the side and foot of the bed.  I think it works.  I also really like how the sofa creates separation, yet you still have an excellent view of the tv from the bed.  And as an added bonus, the bed serves as a perfectly convenient dropping/folding post for the laundry (the laundry room is just a few steps away from the foot of the bed, behind those gray curtains in the picture above).  Still though, I haven’t quite figured out what I’m gonna do with the corner of the room where the Christmas tree currently resides.  I am playing around with the idea of putting the computer there, but I really like the computer centrally located within the house (in the kitchen), so that probably won’t happen.  I don’t know, we’ll see where things end up after the holidays.  But as for now, I am, to say the least, very pleased with the way things are coming along in the den.

Now, just to see how far this room really has come, here is what it looked like in all of it’s bachelor-pad glory before any den-redesigning ever took place:


Yeah, I think it’s a major improvement.  Now onto the details – curtains, decking up the walls, and maybe even a diy diamond tufting project or two in there as well.  I’ll keep ya posted 😉

Thanks for looking!

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