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Wall of Frames

25 Jan

Finally!!!  This project has been bearing on me for I’d say six months or so, and I am absolutely elated to say I am finally done – well sort of done with it (I mean, is anything ever really done?).

Like most DIY projects, they come in a wide range of variations, this one being no exception, so I hit the computer to scour for images and youbetcha I was inspired!  As I mentioned in this post about DIYing up thrifted picture frames, I collected many frames over the summer months from a variety of thrift stores, so the images housed within the frames here are most definitely just temporary.  With that said, let’s take a look at how this project developed over time…

  I’ll call this picture below Phase 1: 

Not too shabby for a straight-to-the-point picture frame collage.  I started by putting the table and lamp in place, then the mirror, and then finally  added some frames. 

Phase 2:

A decent overall shape is developing at this point, but something about it was still not right for me.  I wasn’t too pleased with the symmetry and kind of unriskiness of it all.  It seemed a tad too run-of-the-mill and “grandma’s house,” nothing about it screamed out “CREATIVE!”  So I decided to get a little more bold and just started throwing all sorts of different shaped and sized frames on the wall and ended up with this:

Phase 3:

Aigh, yigh, yigh!  Not good.  This might not look so terribly bad if the frames and/or their content were more cohesive, say matching frames or artwork, but in its current state, I consider this a giant FAIL

So, as a result, I hit the interwebs once again, and lo and behold I stumbled into this blog post on The Sweetsest Digs blog site.  I even went as far as asking them for advice, and to my delight, was given some amazingly encouraging feedback (which you can take a look at right here).  So after taking some of the advice – paint all the frames a single color, bring them down a little, and perhaps  gray instead of white – I hit the ground running and started working on this project right away (like right when I walked in the door after work Friday afternoon) and finally ended up with this:

What an AMAZING difference!!! I almost can’t believe these are the same frames from the before pictures.  I would like to implement some more of the great advice I recieved, such as the utility of additional mirrors and definitely work in some layerying some how, and I still need to add some accessories and figure out how to address the lower part of the wall, but I feel like I can walk away from this project for a while feeling like it is mostly finished – and “mostly finished” is a lovely place to be!

PSST!  This didn’t happen by a simple wave of a wand by any means, you can check out all the details about how this project went down right here.

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