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Green Room Progress – Organization and Styling

23 Jul

Here’s where we left off in this room’s progress – just getting the accent wall all finished up :


You may or may not already know that this accent wall will now be the lovely backdrop to my computer desk and almost all of my art/craft supplies.  Already having all the necessary furniture on hand over in the adjoining blue room made achieving this setup pretty easy.  Here’s a most fabulous depiction of the intended furniture arrangement below:


And here is how it was looking after getting the desk and Expedit bookshelves in place, not without first replacing the pole-shaped legs (as seen three photos down) with much more attractive hairpin legs that I bought on eBay:

GetAttachment 2


Things are already starting to take shape in there, yay!

Next on the to-do list was to move the computer over, move the old desk out of the room, and add the floating shelf above:


Now some of you might think painting an accent wall like this would be the hardest part of this whole little reorganization project I have going on in here, but this next task is proving itself to be much, MUCH more challenging for me… and what task might that be, you ask? That would be the organization and styling of all my art/craft supplies onto these shelves (ALL THESE SHELVES!)  Where do I even begin?!  Here’s what I’m working with:


GULP. That’s intimidating. Getting the furniture moved over was the easy part, but getting all that other stuff moved over and not looking like a jumbled mess is a whole different story. I want organized, not messy.  I want clean, not junky.  I want pretty, not wow-what-a-mess! Acheiving this part of the task is proving itself challenging, but I have faith in myself that I can get something set up that works on a highly functional, efficient and organized level along with looking super pretty and easy on the eyes.  This little trip to Target (and admittedly two similar ones to Home Goods and JCP) is helping me along in the right direction:


Here’s how the room is taking shape so far:


I’m still working on getting things organized and styled up, but I’ve already added new curtains and updated the lighting (more details on that to follow).  It’s definitely coming along, and hopefully I’ll have things done by month’s end and can share “the big reveal” with y’all then!


Pet Silhouette Wall Art

25 May

As late as I am at getting on the whole silhouette bandwagon, I was bound and determined to get this little project done and finally scratch it of the ol’ to-do list, and since I already had wallpaper out from this project, I thought now was as good a time as any to whip out this little task and call ‘er done!  I decided to go with a pet silhouette, although others like deer mount silhouettes and portrait silhouettes have caught my eye as well (see more silhouette Pinspiration here).

I started out by selecting a few sheets of wallpaper samples that I liked and a couple of trays I had lying around that I thought would work well with the silhouette cutout:



Then, by taping plain printer paper directly onto the computer screen, I traced an image of Bitsy in two sections (my screen wasn’t large enough nor was the 8 1/2 x 11 sized paper I was using) to create a template in the shape I was looking for – Bitsy shaped, of course:



After tracing her image, I taped the two pieces of paper together adjoining the top half of her body to her bottom half, and then placed it on top of the various sheets of wallpaper I had selected from earlier to decide which one I liked best. After positioning the traced image on top of my choice wallpaper in the just-right-place, I taped it in place so I could cut it with an exacto knife without it shifting:



Then lastly, I sprayed the back of my wallpaper cutout with spray adhesive and affixed it onto the tray with the wood-toned center:



And Voila!  A ctue-as-a-button-chihuahua pet silhouette! I love it   :0 )

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