Wall of Frames

Six months, and a whole lot of thought and deliberation later, I have finally tackled this project and gotten to a finishing point that I can definitely live with for now (meaning it’s done! ……….. for now).

After having painted the living room walls blue, we were left with a lot of empty wall space to cover up.  So I figured I would take this opportunity to finally put to use my pretty extensive collection of random thrifted picture frames and create one of those lovely and most coveted wall of frames (that I absolutely go gaga over every time I see a pic of) right here in my very own home!   Here’s how the whole process went down…

I suppose the picture below can be considered the “before” picture since this was it’s sad state and condition when I finally decided to embark upon this project yet again (you can see how it got to this point right here).

After sitting on this project for a good two months or so I did what I always do when I need to get some ideas churning in my head… I went to good ol’ trusty Google images to reassess what I was really trying to accomplish here, and sure enough, I ran into a blog post which showcased several different layout options for frame collages (you can follow the link on this post to check those out).  All arrangements were appealing to some degree in my opinion, but the ones that my eye kept getting drawn to were the ones that had empty and uniformly painted frames… and once again insperado was here!

But considering my first attempt at this whole frame of walls project was a total fail, I decided to take on a different approach (the more tedious and far less risky route) which I stumbled across in my desperate, please-help-me-someone pursuit of fortitude.  It explained a common designer’s tactic of cutting down sheets of paper to the size of your frames and first arranging them on the wall with tape instead of damaging the walls with unnecessary nail holes (as I did in my previous attempt).  How ingenious… you can read just how that technique works right here.

So after removing all the frames and their content, I started getting busy painting all of them (with the help of my mini-me of course) a pale shade of gray -Valspar’s Smoke to be exact – which we already had hanging around the house from painting the entryway (woo hoo to no $$ being spent!)…

As I let those dry, I got busy on hanging a floating wall shelf and birdcage that I thought would help in the layering department of this whole undertaking.  I also knew that I wanted a mirror to be a large part of the whole  composition, so I used the paper technique that I mentioned above to stand in as my mirror in order to help me place the shelf and cage exactly where I wanted them.

Not too shabby.  I still wasn’t 100% about the birdcage, all I knew for sure at this point was that I liked how bursts of yellow look against the blue wall, and also that I have this birdcage, which happens to be yellow, that hasn’t quite found its place in our home yet.

So moving right along…



TA DA!  Just lovely isn’t it.  I still need to address the lower half of the wall.  I’d like to put the birdcage on a small table/stand (it looks a lot less clunky with it’s lower placement I think).  Perhaps I’ll add some black-and-white photos to all the frames with some thick bordered mattes or something – project for next year maybe – but all in all I am very happy with how it stands thus far!!!!!!

(more phots of this project are located on my Flickr site.)


5 Responses to “Wall of Frames”

  1. Amanda February 16, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    Serina, I loved this!! I would have never thought of this, ever but I am in love with the outcome of your room!! I also loved how well written your blog was!! I wish we owned a house I could do this to!!


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