Tree Mural for Nursery

As I mentioned in this post about my niece’s nursery theme being owls and woodland creature’s, my youngest brother, sister and I all contributed to painting a tree mural to contribute to the room’s theme in honor of baby Hazel’s arrival.  This project was completed pre-blog, so I don’t have any progress shots, but we completed this back in February 2010 in one afternoon in I’d say about 4 hours or less:

Pottery Barn

Note: the owl in the pic above is actually one of those old-timey wooden wall placards that was thrifted (you know, like the kind from grandma’s kitchen!)

I first taped a skeleton outline of the tree trunk and branches using 1/4 inch thick masking tape just to figure out their placement, height and lengths.  Then working from an image found in a Pottery Barn catalog I just free-handed a basic outline in pencil.  After painting the tree trunk and branches with two coats of brown paint, my brother, sister and I all free-hand painted the leaves in (each leaf required two coats of paint as well).  And then my sister fabulously free-handed the bird’s nest and baby birds (crazy!!! That requires some talent, yes.):

 My sis also came up with a little cardboard template that we used to trace the momma-bird on the top left of the mural.

What do you think?  Have any thoughts or suggestions?  Share links to your own nursery murals if you will!!

Speaking of other nursery murals, I ran into this one which is almost exactly the same as ours!  Crazy!


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