Entryway Curtains: Thumb-Tacks Away!

You know how when you first move into a new place you come up with temporary solutions for the “problems” you run into in hopes of getting back to them after the chaos of moving in has waned?  Well it’s been a little over a year since our move into the new house in November of 2009, and I am so thrilled to finally be replacing some year-old quick-fixes with some better thought-out solutions!  One of the first things I did when we moved in was use thumb tacks to pin-up curtains over all of the windows (since then I have replaced all but four windows with either a mounted curtain rod or extension rod, and/or blinds, but I’m getting around to it).

Here is how the curtains in the entryway looked before:

How tacky! (hee hee, get it?!)

These are the Tree Garden Curtains from Urban Outfitters.  After measuring the height of the window (33″), I decided to order two of the shorter panels (63″).

Here’s the short version of this project: I measured, cut the bottom off one panel and the top off the other, ironed a 1 inch hem on the bottom of the one panel and straight-stiched sewed it, and then ironed a 3 inch hem on the top of the other panel and sewed it as well.

For a final result of:

TA DA! Just lovely, aren’t they?

Now for the long and drawn-out detailed version:

Since the fabric that I was using to make these curtains was already a pair of curtains (as opposed to fabric right off the bolt) it made things a lot easier as far as measuring and hemming.  The loop-hole for the rod had a 3 inch opening and the bottom hem was set at 1 inch.  So all I had to do was measure from the bottom up on one curtain panel 33 inches (the height of the window) plus 3 1/2 inches then cut across; and measure from the top down on the second curtain panel 33 inches plus 1 1/2 inches and cut across.  I allowed and extra 1/2 inch of fabric for each hem in order to have a 1/4 fold for sewing.

So that was the easy part.  But after putting these curtains up, the gray curtain covering the closet started to look a little too drab and off-colored, especially after painting the trim on all of the doorways in this room.

See what I mean?  So the gears in my head got to working on finding a solution.  That’s when I remembered seeing another set of curtains from Urban Outfitters that had about 8 – 10 inches of fabric at the top of it that was different from the rest.  Similar to this one:

photo from UrbanOutfitters.com

I also had some red-orange fabric on hand that matched the dots on the curtains just about perfectly (it was one of those sort of match-made-in-heaven moments for me)!  So I took the two scrap pieces of curtain fabric that I cut off the top and bottom of each panel as mentioned above, and sewed those bad boys together after first making a rod opening from the smaller strip, thus creating the “top” part of the curtain:

I was super-excited about being able to use every inch of material that was cut from the original pair of curtains -HOORAY for no leftover scrap fabric!  After making the top part of the curtain panel, it was time to sew it to the bottom part.  Luckily the width of the red-orange fabric was just wide enough to cover the closet’s opening (I’d say around 2 feet wide), but the curtain panels from Urban Outftters were 52 inches wide.  Here’s where the tricky part came in, I had to make little darts or pleats about every 4 inches on the wider, top piece so the widths of each piece would matchup,  which actually resulted in a much more tailored and polished look in the end:

Then finally, I sewed a small 1 inch hem along the bottom (I didn’t bother sewing the sides of the panel) for the final result of:

Pretty sweet, huh?!  I’m kind of proud of them, anyway.  And it makes the entryway that much more cheery when you walk in the door, how fantastic is that?!

Soon to come – another cheery and red-orange addition to the entry, and it’s a big one!  Thanks for looking 🙂


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