DIY Tire Swing


Materials I used:

1 tire

3 heavy duty eye bolts

6 nuts

6 fender washers

6 lock washers

5 s-hooks

1 swivel

3 four foot pieces of chain

1 8 foot piece of chain

heavy duty plumbing pliers

This was a pretty quick DIY project that we got done in about an hour on a Sunday evening. It required more manpower than I could provide on my own so I won’t suggest going at this one solo, definitely have some extra manpower and an extra set of helping hands if you’re going to tackle this project yourself.

I found two sets of instructions online that I followed pretty much exactly with the exception of one or two things. The following diagram was the one I found most helpful and referred to during the assembly process:


click pic for source via pinterst

And this tutorial provided more indepth detail on the whole process with lots of pictures and explanation, which I found to be very helpful as well.

First we gave the tire a pretty good cleaning (this wasn’t a new tire, it was an old used tire form my car that I was keeping around for a spare):


Then we got to drilling. We drilled several holes all the way around the bottom of the tire for drainage purposes, and then three equidistant holes on top for the hardware to go through:


After that, following the instructions from the above diagram, we put the hardware into place in all three holes:



Then using the s-hooks, we attached the chain to each eye bolt (this is where the extra manpower comes in handy – those suckers are H-A-R-D to squeeze shut!):


Next, we gathered all three chains together at their ends and clamped them together with another s-hook; attached the swivel to the other end of that same s-hook; and then clamped yet another s-hook to the other side of the swivel:


And then with a little toss of the chain and the use of a ladder to get it wrapped around the tree branch, we attached the two ends of the chain (that were left hanging from the tree) to the open-ended s-hook attched to the swivel… and VOILA!

We were in business!! Tree swingin’ business!!!



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