The Office (fka the Green Room)

This room is technically the formal dining room.  It connects with the formal living room (aka the blue room) and has an entrance to the kitchen.  I knew when I moved into this house that I didn’t need an entire room designated for dining – there is plenty of room in the kitchen for that!  Figuring out just how to best use this space took a couple of years living in the house before coming to where it is today.  At first, I thought I would use it as a play room – a place for Olive to keep her puzzles, toys, play-doh, games, books, etc.  Then after painting and arranging the furniture in here, the room became more of a study of sorts – a  place for reading, listening to music, napping, etc.  After a while, this room kind of lost it’s purpose in our live’s and just sat there pretty unused. A shame, I know.  But finally! After quite some deliberation, I made the executive decision to tie this rooms purpose to that of the adjacent blue room. Why not have the functionality of these two rooms working together!? Brilliant!  So now this room is the designated office space/computer room/arts and crafts housing room, etc.  I’m loving it 🙂

  • See how we painted the accent wall by clicking here
  • See the lighting get updated here

As of May 2013:


As of Summer 2010:



 Painting Process:

Just deciding on what color to choose was a project in of itself.

This was my first time doing a paint swatch test on the wall, and boy am I glad I did one!  We really thought we were going to use one of the two paint colors in the middle from the pic above based solely on the store’s paint swatches, but after putting the paint on the wall, neither one of those colors hit what we wanted right on the mark – one was too dark and the other was too yellow.  So we ultimately went with the one furthest to the right, a green that was neither too Chartreuse and modern, nor too pea green and 1960’s (even for me!) – Martha Stewart’s Cornichon, which after a little googling I found out is a type of pickle.

Olive really is such a great helper.

You can take a look at more pictures of this room on my Flickr site here.


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