The Blue Room

This side of the house, which is actually the true “front of the house,” rarely gets any use since the front door is not the door that we regularly use to enter/leave the house (our main entrance, which you can take a look at here, is around back where the car port is).  I would eventually love to have an opening made on the long wall that is shared with the kitchen to create a more airy and open-living space, but as for now this room is our designated arts and crafts space.

Completed projects list:

As of January 2011:


Painting Process:

First we needed to decide on a color to throw on these walls.  At first thought, I wanted this room to be a greeny-teal and contain the same mid-century vibe that the adjoining green room has going on, much to the tune of this most lovely living room pictured below (found here):

I LOVE the color of this living room, but since Olive’s room and my bedroom are already painted pale shades of vintage inspired green we really didn’t need yet another room in the house rockin’ the same vibe.  So as a result, we decided to choose from a hue on the bluer side of teal:

I really liked the middle shade, which is probably the closest to a true teal, but after placing the paint swatches next to the walls in the green room, the peacock-blue colors seemed to look best.  We ultimately went with one of Behr’s “Vintage Chic” line of paints called Caribe.  It’s definitely a darker, more saturated color than what I first thought I wanted, but after googling around for insperado, I loved all the deep, peacock-blue rooms, especially the dining rooms (which is what this room will eventually become).  Also, it seems to have a more modern vibe than the mid-century colors I have chosen for other rooms in the house – don’t want everything to be too matchy-matchy.

On with the painting!

See more pics of this room on my Flickr page right here.


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