Olive’s Bedroom

This was the first room in the house to get any DIY attention, namely paint on the walls. I painted it Sherwin William’s Reclining Green before we even moved into the place back in November 2009.  It was important to me to make sure that my Little Bittle had her very own space fit for playing, sleeping, imagining, etc.  So I got on the ball right away and got the painting and some decorating done in her room to make her transition into the new house as smooth and seamless as possibly.  This was also the first room in the house to have a nail driven into the drywall, curtains hung, and shelves mounted.  So since all these decorating things occurred during the early stages of living in the house (one could say they were even done prematurely) this room has had it’s fair share of arranging and rearranging to get to where it is now.

Completed Projects List:

As of August 2012:



As of July 2011:

Early 2011:

Late 2010:

Early 2010:

The following are pictures from the rent house where we lived prior to moving in to the new house (2007 – 2009):

Here’s after painting the walls pink, moving her crib out, and upgrading to her big girl bed:

Bye Bye Baby Bed

Moving week (of couse the little helper packed some of her own things):


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