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Master Bedroom Painted!

11 Mar

Well it only took me three weeks (working at it a few weeknights a week) but it’s finally all done! This was my first attempt at painting a ceiling, aside from the teeny tiny one in the master bathroom, and also my first time to paint all the trim in a room, which for this room included baseboards, crown moulding, two door surrounds, three window sills and also the closet trim.  Whew, glad it’s all done!!! And I am very, very pleased with the results 🙂

I wanted the walls a shade of greige, something earthy and clay-like, so with the following inspiration colors in mind…



… I narrowed it down to these three options:


Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter,” “Baby Fawn,” and ” Dove Wing.”

After slapping a sampling of each color on a variety of walls in my bedroom, right away it was clear that “Dove Wing” was much too light and “Revere Pewter” was too cool for my liking.  I really liked “Baby Fawn,” but didn’t find the hue saturated just quite enough, so I tried a fourth sample – “Baby Fawn” mixed at 100% darker, and BAM! I found my color:



I decided to paint the trim semi-gloss ultra white first, that way I didn’t have to be too precise in my efforts, and boy, what a difference it made:


It’s so clean-looking and really makes everything pop!

After getting through that phase, I tackled the ceiling next, mainly because I really wanted it painted and I knew the likelihood of me ever getting around to doing it after the walls were complete would be drastically decreased if I didn’t do it first! My first thought on ceiling color was to go lighter.  I thought I would just mix all the paint samples along with some of the wall paint and go with that, but after a little deliberation, I decided that I wanted to paint the doors in there black, so I thought making the ceiling a little darker and moodier would tie everything together real nice (we’ll see how that all works out at a later time).  So in addition to all the samples getting mixed together, I added a little black to the mix, which resulted in this:



Then finally, the following week, Olive and I got busy painting the walls, which you can see a peek of in the above photo:

12 13

The final outcome:




I really like it! The wall color leans toward a warmer beige tone at well-lighted times, and toward a cooler gray tone in low-key lighting. I’m currently working on getting the curtains back up and I’m already liking how the darker accent colors pop against the more neutral wall color.  So hopefully the addition of a dark headboard and black doors will all work out in the end, we shall see…

Thanks for looking!


Dresser Drawers Turned Wall Shelves Phase 2 – Decoration & Styling

4 Mar


Here it is folks! The winter edition of the unofficial Pinterest Challenge, as created by Katie B. from the blog Bower Power and explained in further detail right here on Young House Love.  For this “challenge,” which is basically a self-imposed challenge to get some of those Pinterest projects that we all have tons of pinned, and turn them into things we’ve actually DONE!

So without further adieu, I share with you the dresser drawers turned wall shelves that I decorated and styled up for this challenge:





When I left off on the installation process of these shelves, they looked like this:


Getting them all prettied and decked up was a fairly simple project.  I just used some decorative wrapping paper, from World Market, cut to size and then adhered the paper to the “backs” (technically the drawer bottoms) of the shelves using double-stick tape:


drawer Collage 3


So much prettier and happier looking than the dull, brown backgrounds, don’t you think!?

And as far as “styling” the shelves, I just grabbed some books, bookends, and other little knickknacks I had on other shelves around the house and quickly arranged them to have some photos for this challenge post.


Feel free to checkout tons of other really great Pinterest projects by clicking on the “Pinterest Challenge” picture below and scrolling to the very bottom of the post:


And you can click right here to check out the inspiration photos that I have pinned to my Pinterest board for this project:)

Thanks for looking!!!

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