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Entryway Curtains Updated

29 Aug

Anyone who has lived in their home for more than a few years, knows how furnishings and accessories are constantly getting moved around in the grand scheme of nesting and ‘getting everything right’.  That’s actually one of my favorite things about having a house of my own – I get to sort of shop around in the different rooms of the house, switching things around with spending very little to no money at all and make some pretty big impact changes.  So as is what we did with the entryway curtains.

This is what the picture window in the entryway was looking like before our quick little update (click here to see how we got to this point):

Apples for Olive entryway dresser credenza

After snagging these curtains from the blue room

Apples for Olive Blue Room

… and giving the sheers a little color refresher…CurtainCollage… we ended up with this:

1a 2a

Adding these curtains and hanging them high and wide definitely gives the room a more finished and polished look, makes me smile 🙂


Tissue Paper Flower Pom-Pom for Above Olive’s Bed

21 Aug

Pinterest, oh how I love thee and thy ways you maketh my dreams of completing a diy-to-do list into an infinite wayward pipe dream. I’m pretty sure we all have a countless number of pins on all of our virtual pin-boards, but do we actually ever get around to “doing” that which we are “pinning”? One of my favorite blogs (Young House Love) has created a self-imposed challenge for its readers called “The Pinterest Challenge: Stop Pinning and Start Doing!” You can read more about the most recent of those challenges and check out tons of DIY projects right here.

Alas, I have finally gotten around to making my version of this (originally found here) lovely over-the-bed tissue paper pom-pom (canopy?) for Olive’s room:


I’ll spare you all the how-to-make-a-tissue-paper-pom-pom details here, but if you’re interested in seeing how I made each flower/pom-pom you can follow this link for an AMAZING tutorial.

We started with some paper lanterns that we already had hanging around the house and some tissue paper in a variety of complementary colors bought from Party City, which I found to have the most variety to choose from as compared to Target and even Michael’s:

As usual, Olive helped:


We started out by hanging the paper lanterns first and then incorporated the pom-poms after finding some balance with the lanterns, using paper ribbon and the existing hook from the hula hoop canopy the was previously hanging over her bed:







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