Den Painting DONE.

23 Nov

Remember way back in September when I was all gung-ho about painting the den and got it half-way painted and things were starting to look great, and … well finally, after 7 whole weeks of living with it looking like this:

… I finally finished painting the other half of the room last week.  Woo wee how I’m filled with glee to finally cross that task off the list! In my defense though, it’s not like I completely lost my gusto and just lazily walked away from the project for it to end up in project-abandonment purgatory or anything.  I actually accomplished some other projects in the interim, like painting and organizing my bedroom closet, painting the fireplace, and throwing in some wedding photography side-work along the way.  I suppose there’s always an order to things and they sometimes do not happen in the order that we’d like for them to occur, but instead as they should (whoa! things just got deep).

But back to the den.

The first order of business in there was to shuffle and move things around so as to even be able to get to the walls in order to paint them.  As I mentioned in this post, one of the items on the to-do list for this room was to decide where the huge filing cabinet would end up going.

It really is kind of a big ol’ eye-sore in my opinion, so I knew I didn’t want to incorporate it into the design of this room (or any other room in the house for that matter).  It needed to be someplace concealed.  Like a closet.  Which leads to the second order of business in getting this whole painting project done – making space within the entryway closet for the behemoth of a filing cabinet to move into.  Here’s how things were looking in the closet before:


And after moving my not-so-often-used dresses and costumey-type clothing (yeah, I have this weird infatuation with costumey-type, mostly “period” clothing that I can’t seem to cure myself of, hence this photo) over to the hall closet, and moving the filing cabinet into the entryway closet, we ended up with this:

Perfect.  There was even a little space to the left of the cabinet that now peerlessly houses all of my gift wrapping accoutrement! Happy face.

But back to the den.

After moving the filing cabinet out of the room, the only thing left to do was basically just move the bed out of the way and get to painting.  And in doing so, this is where we ended up:

Hooray for progress!  So now begins the fun part – furniture arrangement, which is already underway so stay posted for that coming soon…

P.S. In case you missed it in the previous den progress post, the paint color I used is Behr’s Pensive Sky (more on that here).


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