Bedroom Closet Organization

3 Oct

Welcome to the exciting world of organizing with Serina!  Can I get a whoop, whoop cause this is gonna be an amazing and thrilling ride, so hold onto your seats and… *ahem,* not really.  This is probably the exact opposite of exciting, and also a glimpse into the crazy and OCD mind that which is mine.  Consider yourself forewarned, here we go…

This is where we left off, with the closet painted and prepared for some major organizational action to take place – click here to catch up to speed on that if need be:

Ahhh, the blank canvas – just lovely isn’t it!  Where to begin with the organizing process? I knew I shouldn’t go at this rogue, so I decided to throw down a little rough sketch (no exact measurements or anything) of how I thought everything would fit into the closet with it looking as nice, neat and organized as possible.  This is what I came up with:

The idea was to have all my shoes go on the left side of the closet along with purses and bags and a few other accessories, and have all my hanging clothes on the right side with all my foldables (t-shirts, jeans, etc.) landing in the middle inside the cubbies.

Here is how half of the actual “Plan A” turned out in real life:

Not too bad.  I did deviate from the plan just slightly since the horizontal shoe rack actually fit better and made more sense going on that little raised up portion of the closet rather than the floor, and luckily, I just so happened to have a shoe carousel lying around (I originally planned on using it in Olive’s closet, but she really DID NOT like it) to store the rest of my shoes.  But as you may have already concluded – if there’s a plan A, there’s more than likely a plan B – and such is the case herein.  Allow me to explain.  After seeing all those shoes (ALL THOSE SHOES) in one place, things were starting to look a tad too cramped up and cluttered – not the look I was going for.  Also, the shoe carousel was creeping up on my designated purse area, so that was no bueno as well.  And, as a matter of fact, I really DID NOT like the looks of that dang shoe carousel myself!  Yucky shoe soles glaring right out at me, blehck!  No hate intended toward any of you shoe carousel lovers out there 😉

Thus, “Plan B” was conceived:

In this plan everything is basically just flipped onto the opposite side of the closet. The right side of the closet is slightly wider than the left which allows the horizontal shoe rack to extend out a little more, in turn, allowing for more shoe storage.  Also, the hanging shoe rack would sit several inches above the floor on this side of the closet allowing for even further shoe storage, on top of which will be hidden shoe storage.  So hooray for a plus, plus, plus in this new adaptation!  Additionally, there will be more breathing room for my bags and purses in this plan as well.

Here’s how Plan B turned out:

Note:  The “hanging cubbies” on the left side of the closet from the Plan B diagram were nixed upon measuring the space and realizing there was absolutely no room for it to fit.  Also, I ended up taking the cheapest route as far as adding the lower hanging rod with use of a “rod doubler” as I found it to be called, rather than adding a shelf that supports a rod.  Additionally, I was able to add a smaller shoe cubbie over on the right corner of the closet, while hanging my belts over on the adjacent corner (not pictured, oops) rather than front-and-center as indicated in the plan.  So hip, hip, hooray for utilizing all available space!

I think it works! I still have plans to add a rack or rods for hanging my purses and bags, (I’m thinking of using the IKEA Grundtal s-hooks and rails) add a lovely and billowy drapery treatment to cover that open doorway, and also work in some pretty baskets for the cubbies, (the photos have a little staging going on) but so far, so good in my meager opinion!

So as not to have you nodding over with this somewhat yawn-inducing post, I’ll leave you with some amazingly organized closet eye-candy:

click pic for source via Pinterest

click pic for source via Pinterest

click pic for source via Pinterest

click pic for source via Pinterest

click pic for source via Pinterest

click pic for source via Pinterest

Hope you’re inspired!

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5 Responses to “Bedroom Closet Organization”

  1. oneofthelovebugs October 3, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    My closet needs some help! I’m glad to have gotten some great ideas from your blog today – now just to put it to action tomorrow! Thanks!

    JB @

  2. Tiera Darsch October 3, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Shoe racks that are made from hardened steel are great and i always use them on my home. They really last longer compared to wooden shoe racks. “*,;.

    Hope This Helps!


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