Closet Painting (With the Kids)

26 Sep

Last week I made some headway painting the den, (two walls got painted to be exact) which might make you think that the next logical thing for me to paint would be the remaining walls in the den, but nope, not the story here.  I opted to first paint the closet in my bedroom instead.  Why, you ask?  Well because, like I explained in the previous post, we were very eager to get the television set up in the den, (we were having tv withdrawals, seriously, Olive watched nearly 2 hours of SpongeBob on Sunday – should I be admitting to allowing her to do that?) and in order to get that done I would need to move the long dresser from my bedroom into the den for use as a media console.  But even before doing this I would need to make ready the closet for all it’s newly incoming garb formerly housed within the confines of the dresser.  See how this is all starting to tie in together?

So just like any other normal person would decide to do, I went on ahead and threw some paint on the interior closet walls before moving all the new stuff in, not without the help of my two children assistants of course – it was actually their idea of a good time on a Saturday night… and admittedly mine too:

I just used some previously mixed peachy-pink paint (more on the here) mixed with some additional pink and some white paint to try to get it as closely matched to the paint swatch that I liked.  I really liked the “Peach A La Mode” color, but ended up with something closer to the “Peach Crayon” color swatch below:

Note: the colors shown here are not true to life, pretty much at all, but they do show the closeness of the mixed paint to the color of the paint swatches, both of which are Glidden.

I am pleased with the results, and there’s always something extra rewarding about using supplies you already have on hand.  The color is sort of iridescent too, which you can see a little better in this pic below:

So we chugged away for about an hour or so and got it to near completion:

Then on Sunday, I finished up painting the top and touched things up.  You may have noticed in the picture above that the back wall inside the built-in cubbies was left unpainted.  That’s because I had the grand idea of painting those areas coral (Valspar’s “Tropical Pomegranate” to be exact) with leftover paint from the entryway credenza that I painted back in June.  Which left things looking like this:

As for the shelf that sits just above the clothing rod… that got a little facelift as well:

I wrapped it with wrapping paper that I bought specifically to line the drawers of the entryway credenza (the coral paint color ties in well with the coral flowers on the paper) with the use of spray adhesive to keep it in place:

After putting the shelf back in place, we ended up with a beautifully painted, peachy-pink, clothing-ready closet:

Ahh, just peachy isn’t it? It puts a smile on my face and gives me the warm-and-fuzzies every time I walk past it 🙂

But then I look over at the big ol’ mess on my bed and that brings me back down to realty:

Now I’ve got some organizing to do!!

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