Den Progress – Painting

22 Sep

Just a real quick update post – I’m finally getting around to painting the den, woo hoo!  Since I could not/cannot bring myself to set the television up without first getting all the painting in this room done (well at least the tv side of the room) I have consequently been without television for going on 3 weeks now!  Yeah.  So, needless to say, I’m bound and determined to get this done once and for all – can’t miss another episode of DWTS now can we!?!

I got started on Tuesday of this week with prepping the two walls I decided to tackle first.  I moved everything to the middle of the room, dusted and wiped down the walls and moulding, sanded, caulked and spackled the rough, bubbled up spot under the little window (we had a leak there that caused some damage to the existing paint, but it’s since been fixed) and taped the lower moulding off with painter’s tape:

On Wednesday, I “edged-in” on the lower parts of the wall and tonight I came home from work with the intention of just edging-in on the upper parts of the wall, but got all gung-ho and whipped out the roller to slap on a coat of paint all over the two walls instead:

I absolutely love it!  It’s gray, it’s blue, it’s green.  Exactly what I was wanting – recall this inspiration photo from this post:

click pic for source

The exact paint color is Behr’s “Pensive Sky.”  Here’s a scanned image of the paint swatch:

I left Home Depot thinking that I was going to go with “Rhino,” but after getting home I realized it was a tad too dark, so “Pensive Sky” it was, although there were several other colors in the running:

Sorry for the poor image quality, also these all read slightly more blue than they actually are in real life.

So hopefully the entire room gets painted by the end of the weekend, but at the very least I’ll definitely get around to setting up the television that’s for sure 🙂


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