Things are a Changin’ and a Rearrangin’ (Part 2)

14 Sep

In Part 1 of this sort of whole-house-master-plan to-do-list that I have conjured up in my brain, I shared my vision for the den, green room, and blue room.  So now let’s take a look-see at what ideas and insperado I have for the other rooms in the house, and remember this is really just a way for me to keep track of what I have in mind by writing out a room-by-room  projects list that could possibly (and most likely) change down the road, but I just thought, eh, why not put all these thoughts and ideas down in one place if for nothing else but reference and inspiration.  Also, I by no means have a time frame for getting any of these projects done, I’m just laying it all out here in bulleted lists to take it all in and clear my head of all these ideas a little.

So on with the show…

Olive’s Room:

I have made quite a bit of progress in this room (more on that here), so not a whole lot is left on the immediate to-do list.  Here’s what we have:

  • Reorganize her frame wall (see pic below)
  • DIY a fun and colorful pom-pom to be placed over her bed (see pic below)
  • Tweak and finish decorating the wall above her dresser
  • Paint the ceiling and add a fun cloud pattern, maybe with the use of wallpaper (see pic below)

And here’s a list of “future projects” that I have in mind:

  • Paint the interior of her closet
  • When she gets a tad older and outgrows her play kitchen and other large toys, I would love to put double twin canopy beds in there (see pic below)
I like the arrangement of the vintage frames and also the fun pom-pom above the bed.

I’d like to put some clouds similar to these on the ceiling.

When she outgrows some of her toys, I would love to have double twin beds in her room.

You can view more inspiration photos for Olive’s bedroom right here via Pinterest.

My Bedroom:

This room has actually come a long way as well.  Aside from the closet project, there’s just more tweaking than anything else to be done in this room:

  •  Paint interior of closet peachy-pink
  • Complete closet reorg/redo (see pic below)
  • Move long dresser out and into the den to be used as media console
  • DIY a bench, maybe made from a coffee table (see pic below)
  • DIY a headboard, maybe from a spare door (see pic below)
  • Bring in and set up vanity (currently being used as computer desk in the kitchen)
  • Rearrange art/frames on walls (see pic below)
I’m just gonna go nuts with having a whole closet to myself!
DIY coffee table turned bench.
DIY tufted headboard

LOVE the arrangement of the artwork and frames. This is perfect (and is that a drawing of Richie Tenenbaum?)

More inspiration pics here.

The Kitchen:

Okay, where do I even begin with this room?  I believe the only photos actually posted on this blog of the kitchen are in this post about removing cabinet doors, which doesn’t really give you a good look at this room in its entirety.  I love the size and orientation of the kitchen, but that’s about all to really love about it (at this point).  It’s just very blah, to say the least.  This room will no doubt be my biggest undertaking, so here goes:

  • Prime and paint the fireplace white (It’s currently an energy-sucking doo-doo brown.  Yeah.)
  • Paint interior of side yard door
  • Paint trim (not sure what color yet)
  • Paint panelling (not sure what color yet)
  • Finally get around to creating a plate collage with my vintage plate collection (see pic below)
  • Prime and paint all cabinets (not sure what color yet)
  • Wallpaper certain accent areas (perhaps just the fireplace wall and back of cabinets, but may go up in other areas as well)
  • Address lighting situation above table and island
  • Open up the long wall that is shared with the blue room, giving an open-living feeling to the overall front part of the house (this is most definitely a project left for professionals, and I’m in no position to be hiring professionals at this stage of the game, so this is more of a pipe-dream than an actual “to-do” at this point)

These are just the big projects on the list for the kitchen, and as you can see I really don’t have a solid idea of what I plan on doing in there.  All I know is I have a general color palette in mind (robin’s egg blue, pinks, and yellows) and a general 1950’s-retro meets granny-chic vibe that I’d like to rock in there, but ordering wallpaper samples is as far as I’ve delved into any actual planning per se.

So how about a little visual kitchen insperado:

DIY a vintage plate collage like this.

Wallpaper love.

Glass shelving in kitchen window. Just Gorgeous.

A perfectly kitschy kitchen!

And of course, if that’s just not enough eye-candy for you, there’s more inspiration photos that you can browse through right here on my Pinterest page.

And last, but not least, I have plans for the Hall Bathroom:

This was actually one of the very first DIY attempts I tried tackling (key words attempt and try) way back in February of 2010! It started out innocently enough by wanting to remove half of the huge double wide vanity that was placed in there by the previous owners, (this house was most definitely “updated” by some very unprofessional house flippers as I have discovered) but when we pulled out one of the cabinets we were left with an unsightly cement hole in the ground and unfinished walls.  YIKES!  My assumption with this discovery is that the aforementioned house-flippers started out wanting to knock out the floor tiles to replace them, but then decided that was just too much trouble and covered up the hole with the vanity and tiled over (yes, tiled OVER) the old tiles in the rest of the bathroom!  So I really haven’t decided if I just want to cover things up further, or really get down and do the retiling right (which is a huge and costly undertaking), that is why we’ve just been living with the ugly mess for over a year now, but I will hopefully get around sooner than later to prettying things up there.

So here’s the to-do list:

  • Decide whether to just patch up the floor and walls, or attempt to remove the tiles that were placed over the old ones and repair/restore the original floor tiles
  • Knock out the cabinets that are above the tub
  • Repair damage to walls with new sheet rock
  • Paint the walls, trim, and cabinets
  • Maybe wallpaper an accent wall behind the sink
  • DIY a vanity turned sink (see pics below)
  • Change out the mirror
  • Add some towel holders/hooks (see pic below)
  • Tweak the lighting in there

So yeah, there’s quite a bit to be done in the bathroom as well, but I’m in no huge hurry to get things done.  On with the eye-candy:

I really like the look of this squared sink placed atop an old dresser/vanity.

I like the look of the open area underneath the sink in this pic.

Here is the link to my bathroom pinboard on Pinterest (psst, it’s not that interesting).

So that about sums everything up.  These “ideas” as I am calling them are really just that, ideas.  Nothing here is set in stone, this is just my way of bringing all the inspirational photos together with writing out my vision to help me keep track and keep everything in my head organized.

Hope you’re inspired!

Also, all the above photos are credited via Pinterest by clicking on each individual photo.


2 Responses to “Things are a Changin’ and a Rearrangin’ (Part 2)”

  1. Devon September 23, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    You are so organized!! I need to start creating blogs for my classes. I should come over for a wordpress tutorial!!

    • applesforolive September 23, 2011 at 9:47 am #

      “Insanely organized” might be a better way to put it!!! Yes, I can most def get you started on a blog 🙂

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