Olive’s Bedroom Progress

28 Jul

My five-year-old baby is far from being an actual baby (or toddler for that matter) anymore.  She is a full-blown preschooler.  I realized this very early on this year when I literally could not pick her up anymore, and… oh yeah… she started liking Justin Beiber… oh yeah.

Upon her undeniable show of growth and change, I also realized that she’ll soon be another 2 or 3 years older and ready to move on to a “big girl” room (sniffle) before I know it.  So my numero uno house related priority for this summer was to get  her “little girl” room in as satisfactory standing for Olive to get maximum use out of it (and for me to hang on to her youth for as long as I possibly can).

It all started back in April, when I did a complete closet overhaul in there and renewed an old dresser for her.  Then in May, I shuffled around some IKEA tables and storage to get a better sense of organization going on.  Most recently, in June and July, I moved her tall bookshelf and mounted shelves to create some overall balance and to make things much more visually pleasing.   After all this shuffling and moving things about, the proverbial dust has settled and her room is now officially ready to view.   So let’s take a little visual trip to bring us up-to-date with how much things have changed in my baby’s little lady’s room.

Here’s where we left off back in May:

The little “zones” created by placing her play kitchen and doll house back-to-back actually addressed the organizational issues in her room quite fantastically, but aside from the room having great function, the form, namely balance, in the room was still terribly off to say the least.  

So we brought in the rest of the IKEA Stuva collection from the blue room to further organize Olive’s toys and her tv area:

And we also centered her tall bookcase on the wall with the two windows in additional to moving the play kitchen to get things looking like this:

A huge improvement I must say.  But it wasn’t until this point that I finally began to get a better understanding of how balance in design can give a room that “done” feeling that is sometimes so very difficult for me to achieve.  I had an “aha moment” so to speak, and came up with the vision and idea to add shelves on either side of the large picture window (more on that here): 

I really love the shelves in there!  A huge improvement further still, but something was still quite amiss.  What, you ask?  Why the huge, messy corner to the left of the tall bookcase that I have intentionally left out of all the above photos:

(Side Note: Can you tell that I color coordinated all the books on the top and bottom shelves of the bookcase?  Well I did, thank you very much.)

So after looking at the two spaces on either side of the bookcase for a few hours, (not continuously of course) it finally dawned on me… switch the play kitchen with the doll stuff and then everything will fit! :

And it did! Famously so!

Now things are starting to really shape up in there!  I also added a picture ledge above the dresser that I plan on using to house stuffed animals and dolls:

So, like I said, things are really starting to shape up in her room.  And I have to admit, I’m sort of proud of all the work I’ve gotten done in there too. 

I’d say this room is about 85% done.  I still need to dec up the walls, along with tackling a few other details in there.  Next on the agenda is to address the crazy art wall next to the bed that is in some major need of attention as well as the quite un-outfitted wall above her dresser (pictured just above) :

 But so far so good.  I’ll now leave you with a few of my favorite little detail shots:

Click here to see the progression of developments that have taken place in her bedroom over the years.

Thanks for looking!


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