Paint Mixing Experimentation

26 Jul

An ongoing theme for me this year seems to be “using what I’ve already got.”  This wasn’t written down as an actual resolution or anything, but I have been making a conscious effort to use up materials and supplies from previous projects for current ones.  And since I am no stranger to mixing paints (mostly acrylics when I painted a whole lot in high school and college) I thought why not try mixing some latex paints that are just hanging around the house taking up space and see if I can come up with the perfect (or close-enough) shade of peachy-pink to paint some shelves that will be going into Olive’s room?  And so I did…

I took some red, a little bit of yellow-green, some pink, and some white paint to come up with four different shades of peachy-pink, ranging from orangey-coral to pale pinkish peach:

I just poured varying amounts of each paint color into their existing paint containers until I kind of liked what I saw, and then painted a little onto a piece of cardstock to make my own homemade paint swatch.  And then, so nothing gets mixed up, I went on ahead and numbered each shade on the swatch along with its corresponding paint container. 

I have a real liking for peach and coral right now, as seen in my choice of paint color for the entryway credenza.  So having four containers of varying shades of those hues might just come in handy for more projects than just shelves in Olive’s room 🙂

Thanks for looking!


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