Sneak Peek at What I’ve Been Up to Lately

14 Jun

As usual, I have several overlapping projects happening in unison.  So instead of waiting until everything is “finished” (ha – more like “picture ready”) I will go on ahead and share what has been keeping me busy for the past couple of weeks with an “in progress” post.

So, let’s see, we’ll start where we left off in Olive’s room.  Here is how things were looking in her room after the big dresser and table switcheroo that took place in April and in this post:

In the above photo, her room is actually ten times better than it was before, but is still in, oh, about phase 3  of about 10 phases of “total room completion.”  (Read about her closet overhaul here and dresser renew here.)  A lot more has been done in her room than I am sharing with you now, but like I said, this is just a little sneak peek and blog update so you don’t think I have fallen off the planet (actually, we will be roaming the planet soon, not too far off though… vacation!!!)  Anyway, back to business… let’s zoom in on something that I finally got finished after about 3 years:

Yeah, that bookshelf over there in the corner has had unfinished edges for at least 3 years (I painted it back when we lived in the rent house).  So I decided to get er’ done once and for all. 

First, I pulled everything off the shelf and then gave it a good wipe down:

Then, after deciding that it would fit better and also make her room more balanced by centering it on the wall between the two windows, I removed everything from that wall and then filled in and painted over all the nail holes:

Ahhh, a clean slate… for about 10 minutes.  After the paint on the wall dried, Rob so lovingly helped me move the gigantic bookshelf over.  Then, I got busy painting the edges with a not exactly matching pink “oops” paint that I found for only 3 bucks, can’t beat that! :

Hooray for painted edges (and for finally getting a long-awaited paint project done)!!!

And here it stands in all it’s almost completed glory:

The books on the floor have since been placed on both the top and bottom shelves, and I still want to cover the backs of 2 or 3 of the shelves with wallpaper or scrapbook paper, but that will be a project for, oh, maybe phase 5 or 6 of this whole bedroom overhaul!

Again, I have been working on several more projects in here, which I will share when we get back from vacation, but I just wanted to give you a look-see at what I have been up to.  With that said, I will leave you with a series of photos showing a little sneak-peek at what’s been going on over in the entryway of the house in conjunction with all the aforementioned bedroom progress:


So there you have it… a quick look at what’s been keeping me busy – Olive’s bedroom and the entryway overhaul for the most part, with a few other random projects sprinkled in here and there (I glazed a piece of furniture for the very first time!).  And, as always, I will be sure to share every little detail as things progress along the way ! 🙂


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