Thrifty Finds: Cake Plates and Serving Platters

31 May

I decided that my next thrift store hunt would consist of searching for vintage and/or unique candle sticks and parfait glasses after running across these fabulous DIY cake plates below:

via Reclaimed Studio

via Reclaimed Studio

I’ve actually been eyeing some pretty nice vintage milk glass cake plates on eBay, but since I already have a fairly extensive plate collection going on (I’ve been building up my collection for over a year now in order to make a plate mural like these) I thought why not make my own!?

So I hit up the Salvation Army and wouldn’t you know they were having a 50% off sale on all their dishes and dinnerware items, which included candlesticks!  Here’s the loot I ended up walking out of there with:

  1. Eleven brass candlesticks.  Nine of which were $.79, two of which were $1.99 BEFORE the 50% off!
  2. A small lamp for Olive’s room for $1.99 (will be removing or DIYing the lampshade)
  3. Two matching brass lamps, one was $8.99 and the other was $12.99 (will be getting different lampshades and going on my new entryway credenza, details on that coming soon!)
  4. A cute little vintage purse box?  I was really interested in it as an inspiration piece for my next few painting projects, and it was only $1.99.
  5. Glass tumbler with a cute little Indian girl on it for $.99 plus 50% off.
  6. An oval plate for $3.99 before getting 50% off (thought it would make a lovely bottom tier for a multi-tiered serving platter)
  7. And this set of dishes and three matching tea-cups was actually scored for FREE!  Yes, F R E E!  Before I headed to the Salvation Army, I took the bags of donations that Rob cleared from his closet (more on that here) to the goodwill donation station in the Albertson’s parking lot near my house, there were several boxes of someones garage sale leftovers just sitting next to the dumpster ready for the taking, so I rummaged through them and nabbed these lovely blue rose plates and cups, SCORE!

And for a closer look:

Not too shabby for just over thirty bucks!

And here’s a preliminary design for a serving platter that I just threw together real quick for picture-taking sake:

I imagine cheese and crackers on the bottom plate, maybe some grapes on the next one up, and small nuts or candies on the top saucer, with some kind of dipping sauce or mustard in the very top tea-cup.  What do you think?  I think it’s super cute and best of all, I made a four-tiered serving platter for only a buck twenty!!! Craziness!

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