Typewriting for Creativity’s Sake

23 May

I gifted this book to myself for Christmas last year, and if you are a creative person but happen to work in a not-so-creative office setting like myself, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read it.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  So I decided to put some of what is suggests into action today: 

Not quite a masterpiece, but definitely a tad bit of a creative outlet. 

There is only one typewrite on all of the 16 floors of the office building that I work in, which is no big deal since I only have to use it on very rare occasions (not sure of whom else uses it and how often, but I use it about once a month or less).  When I do need to use it though, I have to refer back to my email history to remember on which floor it is located.  So today I decided to put an end to the email searching and make a little note for my bulletin board of its whereabouts, all the while fulfilling a slight creative itch that beckons for attention throughout my otherwise dull and creative-less days at the office.  So rather than just hand-write a note (which is actually suggested in the book to do as a way of being creative, but was not the best suited creative outlet for me in this very instance) I decided to take it a step further and typewrite the note, since it so fittingly went with the whole purpose of the note to begin with. 

There it sticks, just below the white arrow.

 Ahh, to the little things.  And you know, taking a few seconds to select a post-it size and color, and deciding on wording and spacing actually brought a little not-at-all-guilty pleasure to my day!


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