Out With the Old, and In With the … Older (?)

19 May

As I mentioned in this post about my spring cleaning consisting mostly of getting rid of unneeded and unwanted clothing items, I also happened to get rid of some unneeded and unwanted furniture items during my spring cleaning purgation fest.  This all kind of happened as a result of my visit to the Salvation Army, the same visit at which I bought my new dresser.  Not only did I buy the new dresser, I bought a new (well new-to-me) sofa as well!!!  And as a matter of fact, it’s the very first sofa I’ve ever bought, so this is kind of a big deal for me.  I went to the Salvation Army in hopes of finding the perfect dresser (which I did) and in doing so I just so happened to find this lovely sofa too:

I know, I know this granny-esque style of sofa is not for everybody, but for me it was love.at.first.sight.  And it was clean!  It smelled good!  The cushions were perfectly intact and comfy! The tag and lining underneath the seat cushions looked as if it had never been used!  It was the perfect shade of green!  And it was only $169.00!  S.O.L.D.  I imagined it going perfectly in the green room… but then I started to think… where would the sofa that is already in the green room go?  Hmmm?  So I went home without actually buying it to think about whether I really needed to buy a sofa or not…

After getting home, I looked at the sofa that we had in the green room (which was furniture of Rob’s from back in his bachelor days) and upon looking at it over and over again, I decided it really needed to go:

Those frumpy cushions on back, yuck!  The worn out seat cushions, eww!  And it had a burn hole right in front and center… yeah it was time to let this thing go… big time!

So, with Rob’s approval, I posted that bad boy on Craigslist!  And you know how it goes when posting things on Craigslist, if you’re gonna post one thing, you might as well post everything else you’ve got, right!?  So I posted the following three items as well:

My trip to the Salvation Army and all these items getting posted on Craigslist took place on a Friday after work, and then first thing the following Saturday morning I went to buy my “new” sofa, which to my delight was marked 25% off!  Hoorray for waiting one more day to buy!

So after first selling the lovely, tufted orange chairs (I really loved them, they were super comfy and very cool, but the color just wasn’t the right shade of orange for the room, so they had to go) for $140, it was like I got the new sofa for free.  Oh how I love thee Craigslist!

And then I let the cradle go for $25, and the also lovely yellow velvet rocker (it had no place to call home in our house, so I decided to let it go) for $80.  Making over $100 from items I just had lying around the house that rarely ever got used.  This made me happy, very happy.  Oh, and as far as the junky old sofa goes, we got a whopping 40 bucks for it after having it listed for 3 weeks, first at $100, then $80, then $60, then finally at it’s selling price of $40 (wop, wop, sorry Rob).

But in the end, doing away with things from around the house that rarely (or sometimes never) get used isn’t always about the money you can recoup, but more so about purging and letting go of them.  There is something so refreshing and rewarding about letting go of unused things, especially large things that take up lots of space!

So there’s the final piece (read about the closet cleaning, dresser renewing, and furniture moving that took place right here, here, and here) to the whole getting rid of things/spring cleaning hullaballoo that went down this past March and April.  Have any of you gotten rid of anything(s) that basically just sit around taking up space in your house, or have you bought or sold anything from Craigslist lately?  Tell me about it 🙂

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3 Responses to “Out With the Old, and In With the … Older (?)”

  1. Dharma July 29, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    That sofa is the BOMB! yay you for the patience and the discount. I’m in the same boat, I have the goriest Hunter green monolith in my living room that I need to replace. I’m glad we didn’t spy that sofa at the same time of it would have been a Salvation Army cage-match! LOL I never thought of selling my green giant on CL, that’s a great idea. 🙂 Cheers – over from Vintage Revivals

  2. Tanya Stansberry July 30, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    I am loving that couch! I found a great set a couple years ago at goodwill. It was very old, 60’s or early 70’s. The color is that lovely avocado green and the couch is a double hide-a-bed. There was a chair and ottoman with it as well. It was marked for $79! My dad got it for my birthday present.
    I never have any luck selling things on CL, but I have a lot of luck buying:)
    Visiting from Vintage Revivals.


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