Bedroom Progress Part II – The Desser Renew

20 Apr

Let’s start off from where we left in the Bedroom Progress Part I post, with the dresser that we moved from my bedroom into Olive’s room.  Here’s a before shot to refresh your memory:

That dresser was painted white and green back when I was in college about 10 years ago, so it’s certainly been good to us, but was definitely in need of a little TLC before I could bring myself to move it into Olive’s room (you know, because we want the best for our babies that we love so much).  I’ll go on ahead and show you the big reveal and then follow with some how-I-did-it progress pics.

So here’s how it looks now, sittin’ all pretty:

Just precious!  I’ve been itching to paint dresser hardware ever since I saw a similarly painted one in my sister-in-law’s (hey Terrah, if you’re reading) daughter’s room about a year ago.  Hers is painted white with turquoise hardware and is pretty much the inspiration behind the design for this dresser.

The process was pretty simple.  I just removed all the hardware and the drawers.  Sanded everything down to remove as much of the previous layers of paint that I could, primed, then painted.  I don’t have a true before picture, I sometimes forget about taking one until after I’m already knee-deep into projectdom.  So here’s how things looked after the sanding and priming, with one layer of white paint already slapped on:

You can see primer in the areas that were eventually painted pink, and you may have noticed in the pic of the drawers that one little hardware pull is still intact.  That little bad-boy would not come out!  I think I actually superglued it in there at some point, but one little bump in the road wasn’t going to stop me from gettin’er done!

After painting 3 layers of paint on the dresser and the drawers, it was time to get busy on taping things off so I could spray paint the areas I wanted pink (after everything was thoroughly dry of course):  

After taping of the edges, I then covered all of the larger exposed areas with butcher paper:

By the way, that blue tape that I used was well worth it’s $7 plus price tag.  It promised to create a perfect seal to prevent any paint from leaking in and it delivered on its promise!  It has a different texture than the “plain” blue tape and even the green tape I often use, it was more slick and vinyl-like, kind of like the way a sheer band-aid feels.

Anyhow, moving right along… After taping, papering, and sealing everything off, a-spray-painting I went:

OK, so yea, laying down a drop-cloth might have been a good idea, but I actually kind of don’t mind getting paint on the concrete outside.  It’s kind of my way of showing off my battle-wounds so to speak… yea, I’m a little weird like that.

And finally, I removed all the paper and tape after applying three nice and even layers of spray-paint, put all the hardware back in place, to reveal the most beautiful seems my eyes have ever seen:

I just love it, and Olive does too!  Let’s take one more look at the finished product:

AHHH, there’s something so rewarding about finishing up a little project like this, especially when you’re doing it for a child of your own.  Have any of you been painting any furniture lately?  Moving things around? Spring cleaning? Do tell 🙂

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