Bedroom Progress Part I – Clothing and Closets and Dressers, oh my!

15 Apr

In my frenzied attempt at spring cleaning this year, there wasn’t any sweeping, scrubbing, sterilizing or any type of washing of sorts, instead it was a much more cathartic type of cleansing involving paring down and purging, namely in the clothing department.  What at first seemed to be a quick and painless process began with me purging away everything I never wear, what doesn’t fit me anymore or that is just way too old to keep holding onto.  HOORAY for getting rid of things!!  So that was it, I was done with my spring cleaning for the year!

… yeah, not quite.

In anticipation for this purgation I bought a tall, seven drawer dresser from the Salvation Army a couple of weeks prior to all this happening.  After putting the remaining items that didn’t get exiled into their proper place within my “new”dresser, I didn’t quite have very much use for my “old” dresser, which thrawted the grand idea of passing it along and moving it on over into Olive’s room.  So the process of purging away my own things curtailed into an even bigger reorganization project in Olive’s room – tackling her closet and overall clothing storage system!  Yes, this wasn’t just a matter of moving a dresser from one room into another, it would involve much more than that.  So hang on to your boots, here’s how it all went down:

WOW, whatamess!  Toys and stuffed animals spilling over, clothing piling up, and baby items still in the closet!  Getting around to cleaning up this mess was long overdue.  So I started by removing everything to the right side of the closet, which was mostly stuffed animals and toys:

AHHH, a nice, clean slate.

Next, Olive helped me decide what to keep and what to give away (had I been doing this by myself, without Olive’s “help,” a lot more would have landed in the donation bag, but she did a pretty good job for a 5- year-old if I do say so myself.)

The next step was emptying out her little armoire that, let’s face it, she’s beginning to outgrow (sad face).

All the clothing items that were housed in the armoire pictured above will now make their way into her “new” dresser.  Luckily though, that little armoire fits right into her closet so it has been upcycled into an actual vanity that will house her jewelry, make-up, nail polish, and hair stuff that was beginning to outpour from their current storage place:

 How perfectly cute is that!  And there’s just enough room for the drawers to pull out:

After moving that bad boy into the closet, I then began to pull out all of Olive’s clothing that no longer fit her, etc.:

WOO HOO, another donation bag!  (Well sort of, I still need to sift through it to determine what will actually get donated and what we will hang onto for hand-me-downs for Hazel, but at least they’re out of the closet!)

It’s kind of hard to get good, wide pictures inside the closet, but here are a few shots of how things are looking as of right now:

To the right side of the closet is her vanity along with some keep-sakes and hand-me-downs hanging on the rod above:

To the left are her everyday wear hanging clothing on the bottom rod, dress-up and dressy dresses on the top rod, and her shoes, which I plan on finding a better storage solution for soon:

And front and center are clothing for the upcoming fall and winter in the top cubby, pants, shorts and leggings in the middle cubbies and a bin for her purses and bags on the very bottom:

WHEW! … and that’s only the half of it (hence the post title containing “part I”).  I just couldn’t bear moving the dresser from my  room into hers in the condition that it was in.  Here’s probably one of the only before shots that I have of it, it’s the white and green dresser to the left:

I painted it, oh about 10 years ago, so needless to say, it was in much need of a face-lift.  More details on that to follow…

So what kind of spring cleaning, or cleaning of your closets have you all been up to?  Do tell!


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