Entryway Progress Part 1

21 Mar

Thanks to the freezing weather we received back in February, I was given not only the gift of  time, but also the gift of being trapped indoors – we were snow/iced in for a full week!  So while Olive was outside doing this:

Untitled from Serina Shook on Vimeo.

… and while most everyone I know was becoming crazed with cabin-fever, I was in the house plugging away at giving the entryway some much-needed attention with a little bit of painting and sewing.  It had been several months since I painted the interior of the main door to the house, but I never got around to painting the trim around it (that’s always one of those annoying finishing touches that I NEVER want to do, but is always so worth doing in the end).  I think my hesitation was a combination of laziness along with uncertainty of whether or not I should go with the safe option of painting the trim white, or do what I have never done before and paint the trim another color (craziness!).  All I knew for certain was that it desperately needed some paint, as you can see below:

Just hideous.  The trim here is the color that came with the house when I bought it.  The walls, I painted Valspar’s Smoke, a very pale and cool shade of gray, and the door is a much more saturated gray-brown that I found in the oops paint at Home Depot.  Since the floors and baseboards were already painted white (you can read more on how I did that here) it was questionable whether the room really needed more white, or if  it should have the more bold option of color added to it.  After searching around online and reading some helpful articles on the subject, I decided to take the plunge and go bold!

Here’s a “before” shot showing unpainted trim on three of the doorways:

And here’s how it turned out after adding two coats of the same paint I used to paint the door:

Much better, indeed!  The room took on a much cleaner, finished look almost instantaneously, amazing how a little paint can make such a big impact.

Finished?  Not quite.  I figured since I wasn’t leaving the house anytime soon, I might as well continue to work on some other things in this room, like finally finishing out the curtains that had been thumb-tacked in place for an entire year looking like this:

Appalling, I know.  But, here’s how they look now:

Fabulous!  Custom-made curtains – it just doesn’t get better than that! (Ok, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but you know what I mean).

Finished now?  Nope, not yet.  I figured since I was kind of on a roll, why not tackle just one more thing in here.  The gray curtain that was hanging in the closet doorway just wasn’t working for me anymore after pizzazing up the trim and adjacent window.  So it went from this:

To this:

How’s that for a little change with big impact! 

Take a look-see for all the details on how I whipped up these curtains right here.


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