Picture Perfect…

5 Jan

… well that’s how I’d like my walls to look anyway.  I really don’t like a whole lot of empty wall space.  I view it as negative space, as gaping openings sucking out the positive energies of the home…  So one of my main focuses when shopping the thrift stores this past summer was to collect as much thrift art and frames that I liked to create either a wall of frames or a focal point on some of the larger, empty walls of the house.  One major score for me was at the northeast Goodwill here in Fort Worth where I found this square frame, nicely matted with 9 openings that I just so happened to buy on half-price day, making it a whopping 12 dollar purchase.  SCORE!

It could have possibly worked “as is” somewhere in the house, but I found it a little too “Pier 1-ish” and “off the shelf” for my particular taste.  So I decided to nix the feng shuiesque images currently housed in the frame and showcase some of my very own photos instead (yes, I just made up two new adjectives in the last two sentences).  This wasn’t a huge undertaking by any means, but it did require a bit of measuring and cutting, and a bit more dismantling than I first anticipated.  Here’s what the back looked like after removing the brown paper backing:

SHEESH that’s a lotta tape!  So after thinking things through a little further, I decided that I would just cut my pictures to a size that would allow them to fit right on top of the prints that were already in the frame.  After selecting a few choice pics, deciding to print them in a warm sepia tone (I thought it complimented the frame and surrounding wall colors well) and then just using my home printer to print them out, I measured the size of the square openings and then cut the pictures down with an exacto knife as so:

Oh, and here’s a happy accident.  I only have a very basic version of iphoto to edit my pictures, so I was unable to make my images the exact 6×6 measurement of the openings.  Instead I could only make square images,  print them out at a 5×7 setting, cross my fingers and hope for the best.  The result – an image size that left a 1/2 inch border around each picture, which resulted in an even more polished look.  YAY!

Then simply using double-sided tape Olive helped with adhering each picture in place.

And here you have it, a  thrifted picture frame turned collage at a fraction of what you  would pay at a big box frame shop (even with a 60% off coupon)!

So there you have it, a very quick and simple DIY project.  Have you ever renewed or reused a frame or thrifted art item to create something more one of a kind?  Let me know about it.


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