Spray Painted Vinyl Chair

21 Mar IMG_2085

Way back in September when I wrapped up my entryway tree, I plunged into a little DIY project that went along with that update – I spray painted a vinyl chair.  Yep.  You heard read that right. I would have never thought of giving a chair a facelift with spray paint (a dresser or end table, yes…) until I stumbled upon this blog post on Little Green Notebook that completely opened my eyes to a whole new world of spray painting options!

I’ve had these two blue, vinyl club chairs for a few years now.  I love them.  They are well made and comfortable to sit in, but I’ve always thought that I’d reupholster them – they are a shade of blue that’s neither modern nor funky enough to really look as good as they could otherwise, they’re just kind of dull and blah.  So I dove in without a second thought and gave one of them a cool new hue… green… sea-foam green… Krylon’s “Catalina Mist” to be exact:


I went on ahead and bought a can of clear spray enamel to use as a finishing coat as well since the Catalina Mist did not come in a spray that indicated it would bond to plastic (as per the DIY instructions I was going by on Little Green Notebook) which is key in making this project work – IF YOU WANT TO SPRAY PAINT VINYL AND HAVE IT STICK, YOU MUST USE SPRAY PAINT THAT BONDS TO PLASTIC.

The process was pretty simple. I just gave the chair a good cleaning with a degreaser, wrapped the legs in trash bags and taped them off, and then just went to town spray painting:





It feels completely smooth to the touch as if the vinyl itself was sea foam green all along :)

Thanks for looking!


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Entryway Organization – Shelf & Hooks

21 Nov DSCF7723

Getting hooks, a shelf, and a bench in place in this entryway has been on my to-do list for well over two years, and I am ecstatic to finally have it done! The entryway seems to be the drop zone/leave-all place that hadn’t been given any real thought as to where all the things that enter this house will get dumped placed… until now.  With the wall hooks up, jackets and scarves won’t land on the floor, reusable bags are in plain sight; with the bench in place, Olive’s backpack and endless stream of papers have a nice designated area to land.  This kind of organization brings me to happy :)

Before I get into all the how-I-did-it details, here’s the end result:



I started by adhering the wall “decal” that I ordered from Urban Outfitters.  I put decal in quotes because it really seemed more like wall paper, not the peel-and-stick image that comes to mind when you see the word decal.  The mural was in four strips that you place in a tub of warm water, activating the sticky backing, before sticking it to the wall.  But even though I found myself doing more work than I intended (this is diy after all) I am super pleased with the end result!


Next, I did some measuring and had the nice folks at Home Depot cut two pre-primed 1×2’s and one 1×3, along with a piece of raw pine, down to the length I needed.  Then Olive and got busy painting:



The paint color we used is Behr’s “Bavarian Forest”.

Then I turned my focus onto getting the shelf ready to hang:

entryway Collage 1

Next, using long finishing nails, I hammered the first 1×2 in place:


Then the overhead shelf went up:


Followed by the second 1×2:


With an xacto knife, I carefully  sliced the small strip of overhang that was left, resulting in this:


Looking pretty good so far :)

Next on the agenda was to get the wall hooks painted, distressed and poly’d.  I used stainless steel hooks from IKEA that I spray painted oil-rubbed-bronze; three iron hooks that I ordered separately from eBay, spray painted white, blue-green and yellow, followed by a coat of polyurethane; and one random hook that I bought from World Market left as-is:

entryway Collage 2

entryway Collage 3

While all the hooks were drying and curing up, I hammered the final 1×3 in place, caulked the seems, spackled over the nail holes to smooth everything out, and did the final paint touch-ups.  I also added three thin coats of polyurethane to the pine shelf, allowing each coat to fully dry in between:DSCF7701


And that was pretty much it! The “bench” is actually a coffee table, but it serves us well until I  find or make the perfect bench I’m looking for.  I couldn’t be happier with the way the entryway feels so much more organized and uncluttered with this little addition :)



And of course, I can’t leave out the insperado behind this all.  Here are a some of my favorite entryways that I have pinned on Pinterest (click here for even more entryway eye candy):


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When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit …

5 Aug IMG_6648

We have probably all found ourselves in one of those situations where we are looking (STARING) at something and think, “you know, something here just isn’t right.”  All of us have been there at some point or another.  And in all reality, that isn’t such a bad place to be when it comes to the creative process.  It most likely means that in the midst of bringing your creative vision into fruition, you are moving along course with your intuition and specific design preferences as your guide.  And that is a good place to be.  Course-correcting is all part of the design game, and I found myself dealing with a creative- curve-ball that was thrown my way last week.  After painting the accent wall in the green room and putting the furniture in place, I could instantly tell that something just wasn’t right. And here’s how I turned that situation around…

Adding all those beautiful and vibrant colors to the accent wall left the two adjacent walls looking just a little too meh by comparison, you can see what I mean in this pic:


The accent wall was meant to be the shining star in the room, but it was not meant to leave the other walls looking dull and lifeless.  It was also clear that the floral print couch and floral curtains could use some taming down as well. So I came up with a new plan – paint the adjacent walls and move the couch into the blue room. YES! … but what color, and what to do with the empty space where the sofa used to reside??? It didn’t take me long to decide on what color to paint the walls. I thought to use the same blue in the blue room, that way the two rooms would blend better and flow together.  But just to be certain, I first visited the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to see if that color would do the trick :


I loved it! And after actually painting the walls with that color:

col 1212



I love it even more.  It just makes sense.  It not only ties the two rooms together, but it also helps keep the accent wall grounded and blend more with the rest of the space.  I couldn’t be happier with the color choice :)

And as for the second question at hand, (what to do with the empty, now couchless space) well you’ll have to stay tuned for that… here’s a clue-in, it’ll be a pretty quick and easy DIY project that I have pinned on one of my Pinterest boards :)

Sometimes the road to getting a room “done” (are they ever really done?) isn’t a straight path, but that’s what makes this whole thing a fun and exciting journey … at least that’s what I keep telling myself :)

Oh, and you might also be wondering what I will be calling the green room now that it isn’t green anymore.  I’ve decided that here on forward, that room will now be “the office (fka the green room)”.  I like it, has a nice ring to it, ha!


Green Room Progress – Organization and Styling

23 Jul IMG_1281a

Here’s where we left off in this room’s progress – just getting the accent wall all finished up :


You may or may not already know that this accent wall will now be the lovely backdrop to my computer desk and almost all of my art/craft supplies.  Already having all the necessary furniture on hand over in the adjoining blue room made achieving this setup pretty easy.  Here’s a most fabulous depiction of the intended furniture arrangement below:


And here is how it was looking after getting the desk and Expedit bookshelves in place, not without first replacing the pole-shaped legs (as seen three photos down) with much more attractive hairpin legs that I bought on eBay:

GetAttachment 2


Things are already starting to take shape in there, yay!

Next on the to-do list was to move the computer over, move the old desk out of the room, and add the floating shelf above:


Now some of you might think painting an accent wall like this would be the hardest part of this whole little reorganization project I have going on in here, but this next task is proving itself to be much, MUCH more challenging for me… and what task might that be, you ask? That would be the organization and styling of all my art/craft supplies onto these shelves (ALL THESE SHELVES!)  Where do I even begin?!  Here’s what I’m working with:


GULP. That’s intimidating. Getting the furniture moved over was the easy part, but getting all that other stuff moved over and not looking like a jumbled mess is a whole different story. I want organized, not messy.  I want clean, not junky.  I want pretty, not wow-what-a-mess! Acheiving this part of the task is proving itself challenging, but I have faith in myself that I can get something set up that works on a highly functional, efficient and organized level along with looking super pretty and easy on the eyes.  This little trip to Target (and admittedly two similar ones to Home Goods and JCP) is helping me along in the right direction:


Here’s how the room is taking shape so far:


I’m still working on getting things organized and styled up, but I’ve already added new curtains and updated the lighting (more details on that to follow).  It’s definitely coming along, and hopefully I’ll have things done by month’s end and can share “the big reveal” with y’all then!

Patio Perk Up Round Two

2 Jul DSCF7637

In an attempt to both spruce things up out on the patio and keep a few busy, busy children from getting far too bored, we took this little corner of the patio from looking like this:


to this in a matter of an hour or so:


Here’s how this red ladder that I’ve had for years (it’s a tad too wonky for actual use and has just been sitting pretty useless in my garage) and this old stool that I nabbed from someone’s curbside throw away pile looked before they were given new life:


Using and mixing paints we already had on hand, I put my little helpers right to work:

paint Collage


Such great little worker bees they are!



Looking a bit more lush and airy, I like! And I finally found the perfect spot for my macrame plant holder :)



Getting Graphic in the Green Room – Accent Wall Style!

8 May IMG_8982

I decided way back some time last year that the green room was in need of a little makeover, (more details on that to follow, so stay tuned) and what better way to get started in that direction than to do an accent wall?!

Ahh, the beloved accent wall – a new one pops up on my Pinterest feed at least three times a week, and it seems as though everyone in blogland is doing one… and well … now so am I!

Check it out:


PicMonkey Collage 2

I thought long and hard about how to accent this wall for a very, very long time – going from thoughts of a solid contrasting color, to stripes, to something stenciled, to finally deciding on something grahic, abstract and super colorful.  Even though this little project was a long time a coming, I am glad that I deliberated over it for as long as I did, making sure that it was something that I would absolutely love and that reflects me.

Here’s a quick little pictorial rundown of my day-to-day progress: (I am currently working on a more detailed how-to that’ll even include a little step-by-step video, so again, stay tuned for that!)


And finally, after making a few more tweaks, I called this turkey done!


My inspiration for this project came primarily from the painting below by my super talented and bestie, Devon Nowlin:


and also from this image that I came across on Etsy:


As an added bonus, I completed this project just in the nick of time to submit toward the self-imposed  “Pinterest Challenge” that the ladies over at YoungHouseLove and BowerPower cooked up to get folks to stop pinning and start doing their pinned projects (more on that here). So you can click on the button below to get in on this big ol’ pinterest-project-share-fest and check out lots of other fabulous DIY projects that the great people of blogland are doing and showing off:


Here are some of the accent walls that I have pinned along the way that have inspired me to create an accent wall of my own:


click pic for source


click pic for source


click pic for source

Thanks for looking!!!!!


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